Foods for pre diabetes

QUESTION: I've heard the statistics on pre-diabetes, and got some questions. Does it really work if someone take care of foods and exercise and will not have diabetes in future?

Are the foods for diabetes the same as for diabetes: those someone should avoid when diabetic are the same with pre-diabetic? Can a pre-diabetic use some restricted foods or all the foods?

Let's say In case someone like snacks, when pre-diabetic should stop eating them or what? If someone has high cholesterol too: do the foods for pre-diabetes help reduce high cholesterol too?


You have to know that when you are pre-diabetic the chance of developing diabetes is higher. That means that no one can say for sure that you are going to develop diabetes in future. Everything is a matter of genes, which are quite unknown nowadays.

However, if you follow a healthy diet and you are doing exercise, you are one step closer to the people who are not at risk for developing diabetes.

  • On the other hand, if you are using herbs, which have the ability to reduce the blood sugar level, the risk is even lower.

  • You have to know that the foods for pre-diabetics almost the same as the foods used from patients who are suffering from diabetes.

    Generally, the meals for pre-diabetic patients contain limited amount of carbs, fat acids and cholesterol. The major purpose of these meals is to ensure you enough vitamins, proteins, glucose and fats, which will keep you healthy, and away from diabetes problems at the same time.

    However, if someone likes snacks, like you said, that doesn’t mean that he is obligate to stop eating this. He can continue eating his/her favorite snacks, but, this must be done in moderation. Sometimes, many individuals are advised to limit the amount of their favorite snacks.

    In case that person becomes a diabetic, he is obligate to definitely stop eating it, or to eat it very rarely. This is made with the single purpose to prevent further damages caused by diabetes and to keep his/her blood sugar under control.

    There are many foods which are delicious and at the same time, healthy including fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds, milk and others. These foods are fulfilling the criteria to contain low
    amount of carbs and fats.

  • The good thing about fish is that it is the best substitute for the red meat. As you probably know the red meat is composed of a lot of unhealthy fatty acids which are leading to the development of atherosclerosis.

    Furthermore, you have to know that the pre-diabetic patients are having not only small elevation in the blood glucose, but an elevation in the lipid status too.

    Therefore, these meals made of fish are providing omega-3-fatty acids which are something very good for the organism, because they are turning the lipid status back to normal. These fatty acids are able to stop and prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

  • The fruits and the vegetables are the biggest source of vitamins. As you probably know, vitamins are taking a part in the chemical structure of the important enzymes in the organism.

    In addition, the vitamins are acting as antioxidants (molecules which are neutralizing the free radicals in the organism). As you probably know, the elevation in the blood glucose, although small, is causing changes in the whole metabolism.

    These changes in the metabolism are leading to increased production of free radicals, which sometimes can be very dangerous.

  • In most cases, milk contains a lot of fat and cholesterol which can really damage your metabolism. However, the low-fat milk and the non-fat milk are something very useful for people who are pre-diabetics and diabetics.

  • Oils, on the other hand, it is true that contain a lot of carbs, but all of them are with small chemical structure. Because of this fact, the organism can use them easily, without causing blood glucose elevation.

    Some of these oils include canola oil, vegetable oil and olive oil for the preparation of your meals. However, the best choice remains always the olive oil.

    Hope it helped!

    All the best!


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