High fiber/ high BS

by Peggy

QUESTION: Been eating much healthier but have a big problem with high fiber foods.

It's like they have the opposite effect on me.suppose to not spike BS due to slow release , fiber ect but stuff like whole grain not whole wheat bread, pinto beans,soup beans,old fashion oatmeal, uncle sam whole grain cereal ect make my BS go up like a fast carb.

also have more of a constipated effect of which I've never had a problem with unless I eat greens like collard's.

Love the greens but they really bind me up.

Could you shed any light on why this happens to me me when it should be totally opposite?
I'm reading labels like crazy now so processed foods are out.

I'm eating protein with meals also so that should help slow down any spike but it doesn't with the foods above.

Thank You

ANSWER: Hi Peggy,

I understand your concern. I want also to advise to stay calm and take everything with patience and sagacity.

Every single problem has its own solution. When you are relaxed, you would have more possibility to find the right solutions:)))

  • Now, coming to your concern. You are telling me that high fiber foods are making your BS "spike". Now, the problem I see here could be related to the type of fiber you are consuming.

    Personally, I do not like the cereals commercially sold in the market. We can judge their content based on the label. However, I always ask "What else are they hiding and not writing??"

    Therefore, the problems could be related to other additives or whatever that could have opposite effect on you.

  • Next, you are saying that greens are making you constipated. It is true (from the experience of some of
    my patients) that there are some green leaves that can cause constipation.

    Therefore, you can test yourself each type of green leaves separately to clearly understand what makes you feel constipated.

  • In addition, apart from the above-mentioned factor of constipation, intestinal problems are also other contributing factors.

    Therefore, I should ask if:

    - you have been taking antibiotics recently or any other drug?

    - Do you have lots of abdominal gas? Discomfort/full feeling each time you eat?

    - Do you suffer from any sore throat?

    All this information can help you understand what is going on with you.

    I would also ask you to perform a lab test called "fecal examination for candidosis", which can help you find out whether you have problems with intestinal Candidosis or not.

    Furthermore, intestinal parasites can cause such problems (especially when you eat green leaves); therefore, I would ask to perform the lab test called "fecal examination for intestinal parasites - helminthes, protozoa, amoeba, etc."

    At last, I would recommend to talk to your physician and find out what your real problems is.

    Meanwhile, I would recommend to have some Senna tea to soften your feces and improve constipation.

    Remember that this is not a permanent remedy, you should look for the real problem of yours and cure it.

    Hope it helped!


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