Raw Sweet Potatoes & Diabetes


This not a comment but a question.

I am told that eating raw sweet potatoes is beneficial for diabetes patients.

Have you any information about this?


Although it might seem a very tough job, using the glycemic index (GI) of the foods would help diabetics in planning their daily menu correctly.

With regards to sweet potatoes, it is true that their glycemic index is relatively low (54) depending to the variety. However, generally, it has a low GI.

Usually, fiber content in foods would affect their glycemic index turning it low. So, sweet potatoes (SP) have high content in fiber (3 grams /100 grams SP), which has been shown enough to lower its GI (according to a study).

In addition, cooking methods would interfere with the nutrient content of all the foods including sweet potatoes.

So, when sweet potatoes were steamed, baked and microwaved, then, their glycemic index was increased (up to 66) while dehydrated was lower.

Furthermore, it was noticed in the same study that the GI of the sweet potato skin remained low in either cooking methods.

Thus, diabetics could benefit from eating raw sweet potato. However, the problem I questioned is : Can you really eat sweet potato raw?

At the end, I want to remind you that sweet potato alone cannot help beating diabetes. Changing your bad lifestyle habits and diet regimen, using specific herbs altogether can help you controlling diabetes.

Hope it helped!


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Raw sweet potatoes
by: Don

What is the GI of RAW sweet potatoes vs. cooked sweet potatoes?

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