Natural solutions to lower my high numbers of blood sugar

I want to lower my high numbers of blood sugar with diet and not drugs.

They were 7.3 at my last appointment.

Beat diabetes with diet
Answer By Dr Alba

When choosing the right diabetes diet, you should consider to include all types of foods because your body needs them most.

The most preferable are whole grains, which can supply with the right energy and help reducing high blood sugar.

Fruits and vegetables are other great choices, with no calorie, and rich in vitamins and minerals and energy your diabetic body needs.

If you like meat, try to choose lean poultry (chicken or turkey breast), avoid red meat or processed one; they can aggravate your situation.

Fish is a great substitute for meat; try to eat at least 3 servings per week. Be careful not to choose fish high in mercury. Tuna, salmon, sardines are good choices.

Have some herbal teas that can help reducing high blood sugar levels. Take more those types of food that lower your blood sugar.

Keep in mind that diet cannot work alone; exercise and other lifestyle changes are other keys to your success of lowering blood sugar. All the best!

Reply: Beat diabetes with diet
by: Anonymous


Take gymnema sylvestre

I has high blood sugars for a
while and once i started taking gymnema my sugars were in the sage range

try it

You could also try a few more herbs such as:

1) bitter melon

2) cinnamon (only half a teaspoon a day can reduce blood sugar as well)

and also, completely take out sugar from your diet, go for the natural sugars, such as stevia and xylitol

And choose whole grains from now on, no more refined sugars, they will make everything worse. #

And now more great tip: when you eat your meal, ALWAYS eat your protein first, this is because the protein will slow the absorption of any carb or sugar you after your meal your blood sugar wont be so high

I hope i've helped, sorry I'm in a rush so i wrote fast. I apologize if some of this stuff i wrote sounds confusing.


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