Some info on diabetes and stroke lifestyle and dietary regime?

by Asa Abrahams

QUESTION: Good evening,

I just want to ask if you could please let me have more info on diabetes. My husband had a stroke on Saturday. His sugar level was 15 and blood was 197.

Can you please cite me some info on what I must do and what I must give him to eat? Please help!

Thank you,

Asa Abrahams


As you probably know, such blood glucose level is very high and you have to do a lot of things in purpose to make your husband bring it back to the normal level.

It is important for you to understand that diabetics, especially those, who experienced a stroke, have to follow a very strict life style.

Under very strict life style, I mean to eat certain foods and to avoid others, to take their medications on time, to do some physical activity and to avoid bad habits, like smoking, etc.

  • Besides this, I need to have more info about the stroke of your husband. Which part of the brain was damaged, what kind of stroke was it - ischemic or hemorrhage?

    I need these data, because the ischemic strokes are observed in patients with large atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries and the hemorrhages are observed because of high blood pressure.

    So, according to the information provided by you, I can help you how to beat the high blood pressure and how to stop the atherosclerosis development.

    As I will wait for your reply, please find the following basic directions, on which you have to work on:

  • First, make sure that your husband will find a way to handle the stress. I want you to know that stress causes high blood pressure and elevated blood glucose concentration. The common effect of these two factors can lead to another stroke, which can be fatal.

  • Besides this, make him understand that great physical activities, like working on the field in the summer or something else is consider as a stress from the organism and he has to avoid doing such things.

    The greatest physical activity, which he has to do, is to walk in the park for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Remember, the summer is coming and the temperature is rising. He has to
    go outside for a walk, before or after dinner, when the temperature is not that high.

  • Regarding the diet, I want you to remember that he has to avoid eating oily foods, like beef, pork, fast foods and others. It will be good for him to acquire mainly fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fluids, soups and others.

    Besides, you have to make him eat more fish, because the fish contains omega-3-fat acids. These fat acids are improving the cholesterol metabolism, which results with stabilization of the atherosclerotic plaques and reduces the risk for another stroke.

    In addition, your husband has to eat around 4-5 times a day, in purpose to ensure his body with constant intake of nutrients.

  • I want you to explain him that cigarettes and alcohol are not something good for him and he has to avoid them strictly.

    I’m waiting for your reply, but I hope that this information was useful for you at this point.


    I am supporting my husband health condition with a strict diet!
    by: Asa Abrahams

    FEEDBACK: Good morning Dr ALBA,

    I just want to to say thank you for the advice you gave me. My husband is much better and his sugar level is much down.

    He went on Friday for more test. His blood pressure was 120 over 60; his sugar was 7.8.

    I give him lots of bitter drinks to drink; no fats little meat; I give him fish, chicken and boils flora butter and meds on time. I keep his diet very strict.

    thanks to you. God bless!

    REPLY: Hi Asa,

    Nice to hear that the health condition of your husband is much better. I wish it will continue to be better even more.

    I hope you will have always such strength and determination to continue your battle against diabetes and stroke like you are doing now.

    All the best!


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