Rambutan To Control Blood Sugar Level

Rambutan For Diabetes

Rambutan For Diabetes

QUESTION: What is the rambutan compound that controls blood sugar level?

ANSWER: Hi there,

For the information of those who do not know, Rambutan is a tropical fruit found in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.). It is really a tasty fruit with a urchin-like shape:)

With regards to the active substance i.e. the substance, which causes the reduction of the sugar concentration, it is known as Geraniin.

This substance is found only in the rambutan extract and it is having one main effect on the glucose metabolism - inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the glucose absorption.

When these enzymes are blocked, the glucose, which normally comes with the food, is removed with the feces and it can’t enter the blood stream.

This fact explains the phenomenon of low post-prandial blood sugar concentration. However, in purpose to achieve this effect, you have to use Rambutan seeds according to the manual of the box, or to execute the following recipe:

  • Take 5 Rambutan seeds and crush them, until you get a powder.

  • Then, put the put the powder in hot water and boil this mixture for about 10-15 minutes.

  • Then, put the mixture in a cooler place and wait until it gets drinkable.

  • Drink this mixture not more than 2 times a day, before having a meal.

    I want to remind you that there are no Rambutan’s side effects found until now, which means that you have to be careful when using it.

    Besides this, if there is anything, which bothers you while using Rambutan, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

    At last, remember that Rambutan alone cannot help your control diabetes; you need to follow the right lifestyle and dietary strategies too.

    Hope it helped!


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    Water Quantity
    by: Smith

    Thanks for this information. Please how many cups of water should be used with the five seeds

    Rambutans to control Diabetes
    by: Rob

    Does rambutan fruit help diabetes or only the seeds?

    Rambutan is raising my blood sugar levels to 400
    by: Steve Rogers 8176022188

    Are you sure this cures type 2 diabetes I am eating 12 at a time 817 602 2188 I need some advise here

    Where to get Rambutan
    by: Anonymous

    I live in Mauritius and i dont think that we have this fruit here.
    So where do i get it?

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