Is Red Wine Good to Bring Sugar Less than 160?

by Sabet

QUESTION: Dear sir,

My blood sugar is 130 to 160 after 2 hours having meal and in the morning 95 to 106.

Is red wine good to bring it down?

ANSWER: Hi Sabet,

According to the standards, your blood glucose results are quite good and you don’t have to worry about them at this point.

However, I’m convinced that you can do few things, in purpose to bring your post-prandial blood glucose concentration to lower levels.

In purpose to do this, you have to make some lifestyle changes, like proper diet, physical activity and of course to reconsider using herbs.

Regarding the diet, you have to follow few simple rules:

First - eat 4-5 times a day.

Second, avoid sweet and oily products, like pork, beef, fast foods, fried meals, candies, chocolate and similar stuff.

Third, - concentrate on healthy foods, like vegetables, fruits, fish, soups and others.

Every daily meal regime is unique and you have to work a little bit in purpose to make your self a perfect one.

  • With regards to the exercises, they will help you to maintain your blood glucose within the reference ranges, because with the physical activity you are burning the excessive glucose in your blood.

    Besides this, the exercises are going to help you lose weight, which will result with quite normal
    blood glucose concentration.

  • I’m telling you to reconsider using herbs, because some herbs, like cinnamon, bilberry and others are proved to have blood glucose lowering effect. So, talk with your doctor about them and start using them in a proper way.

  • Regarding your question

    - is the wine useful blood glucose lowering remedy; there are few things I need warn you about.

    Yes, it is true that the wine has blood glucose lowering effect on one hand; however, it is quite dangerous for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes on the other one.

    This is because it messes up the whole glucose metabolism. This explain why I usually do not advise to use wine at all.

    In addition, if you want to use wine, because of its proved heart healthy effect I have to inform you that all of the things, mentioned above, which you have to do, you will ensure a healthy heart as well.

    Hope it helped!


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