What should be the the post prandial blood sugar after taking OHA?

QUESTION: I use glucometer. My post prandial blood sugar level is 170 after taking amaryl and metformin.

Is that ok? Is it within normal limits?

ANSWER: Hi there,

In purpose to achieve best control of your blood glucose level, you have to know two things.

First, the normal fasting blood glucose level is between 64.8-104.4mg/dl and second the normal post-prandial> blood glucose level has to be less 120mg/dl.

In addition, you have to know that slight variations are allowed, but post-prandial level of 170mg/dl is high, so you have to do something about it.

I hope that your doctor explained you the natural steps before OHA treatment, which are diet, exercises, weight control and sometimes the usage of herbs.

I understand that it is hard sometimes to follow all the instructions, but you have to do your best.

Anyways, regarding the OHA treatment with Amaryl and Metformin, there are two important things. The first is that you are using two of the most effective drugs, used for blood glucose control and the second thing is that diabetes requires therapy adjustments, no matter the effectiveness of the drugs.

With regards to Amaryl, this drug is important for the diabetes type 2 treatment, because it stimulates the production of insulin. As you can imagine this leads to lower blood glucose level, because more glucose enters the cells.

When we are talking about Metformin, you have to know that this drug inhibits the production of glucose in the liver. Because of this, the only source of glucose for your body is going to be the food intake. This action, along with the improved insulin secretion will ensure you proper blood glucose control.

As you can see by yourself these drugs are really working, but they are not effective, when the dose is low. So a therapy adjustment, like elevation of the daily dose is required.

As I said a blood glucose of 170mg/dl is high and you can do something about it. At the beginning you can try to stick to the instructions of your doctor, regarding the diet and the exercises. This will ensure you the proper weight control and low blood glucose concentration at the same time.

The other thing, which you can do about it, is to make a consultation with your doctor about therapy changes. Besides this, it would be better for you to provide him all the data for your blood glucose concentrations, which was acquired during the last week.

Hope it helped!


by: Anonymous
: Hi Dr Alba, in your response to this question, you mentioned herbs - can you tell me which ones you would suggest? thanks.


With regards to herbs you are asking for suggestion, I would clarify something. I had 2 diabetic parents(my dad, unfortunately has passed away), for whom I have done some research in ancient Asean medicine, and found the herbs I have written in this website.

I have offered my parents to give a try, and they really felt happy with results they got. That is why I decided to spread the news.

If you are interested in any particular herb, the ones that really helped my parents stabilize their blood sugar (although they were very greedy and did not follow their diabetic diet rigorously) were (actually, I have bought them some supplements with the following herbal extracts):

- Cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre, bitter gourd (melon), fenugreek, all in one caplet together with few vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, biotin, and traces of chromium).

There are other herbs, vitamins and minerals, for which studies have been carried out and determine their role and benefits in controlling diabetes.

Hope it helped!


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