Diagnosis as a type 2 diabetic reading of 468 mg/dl.

by Bonny C Damocles

My diagnosis as a type 2 diabetic in July 1991 was based on a blood sugar reading of 468 mg/dl.

Our family physician told me to take anti-diabetes pills right away. I begged him to give me some time to do it my way.

Then he required me to take a stress the following day.

As soon as I passed the stress test, he gave me the permission to exercise as hard as I could.

Our physician was a cardiologist so he must know what was good for me.

After ten days of running the stairs for a total of 2 hours per day, the blood sugar readings I got were already in the 130 mg/dl - 140 mg/dl range.

I reported these to our physician and he gave me the persmission to continue doing my daily exercise routine.

Long story short, after 25 years and 3 months, most of my A1c's were in the 5.2% to 6.3% range. The last one I got on October 3, 2016, was 5.8%. I have never had hypos and diabetes complications.

During the last 18 years, my stair-running exercise time was 1 hour per day.

Bonny C Damocles
Male, 80 1/2 years old, 137 lbs., 5'7"
No meds for any health problems
First 25-year untreated and complication-free type 2 diabetic

Hi dear Bonny,

I am glad to hear from you. I really appreciate your comments.

Since our first start on this website, you were among the few people encouraging us about our work to go further by adding your kind support and experience.

Thank you sincerely.

I repeat again, your personal history of dealing with diabetes is astonishing. You were so determined to regulate your sugar numbers naturally without going for meds for so many years.

I wish my patients and all diabetics have the same determination and strong willing as you.

By this post, I want again to spread your personal history of lowering blood sugar levels without the need of medications.

This is a real experience from which diabetics should learn a lot.

Thank you again for your support. We will welcome any other comment or sharing of personal experience of yours.


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