fasting 140 and postprandial is 240

(Chennai. Tamil Nadu, India)


I am a male aged 53 years, my sugar level is in fasting 140 and post postprandial is 240 is it very dangerous?


Hello Bhanu Shankar,

I read your message and understood your medical issue.

For people with diabetes, the goal of treatment is to keep the fasting plasma glucose in the ranges of 70-130 and post-prandial glucose level less than 180 mg/dl.

Your numbers look a little bit high but my advice is that you must repeat these measures every day for two or three different days. A single measure does not show anything.

If the numbers are all higher than 130 for fasting glucose and higher than 180 for post-prandial glucose level this means that there is a problem with the treatment you are following.

You can discuss with your doctor for the possibility to change the dosage and the frequency of your current medication in order to provide a better control of your glucose levels.

Also, you must keep an appropriate diet by reducing sugars and carbs and staying physically fit by regular exercise.

Your glucose numbers are not very dangerous but in the future, they can be dangerous as they tend to go more unstable and higher causing diabetes complications afterward.

Finally, I would like to summarize about your issue.
If you were not diagnosed before for diabetes and this was the first measure of blood glucose it is very probably that you have diabetes and you must start the treatment immediately.

Further investigation is needed to determine the type of diabetes. If you are diabetic then you must follow my suggestions I gave you above:

-discuss with you doctor to change the medication and/or dosage plus diet changes
-if you didn't know before that you are diabetic consult a doctor for further investigations like HbA1c and more

I hope this is helpful.

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