Fasting level after eating a lots of sweets

by Sadegh
(San diego)

My fasting sugar was 112 after a night of eating cakes and rice a lot

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Jan 29, 2017

by: Dr.Albana

Hello Sadegh,

I have gone through your medical history carefully and understood your concern.

Fasting blood glucose level is considered normal when it is found to be less than 100mg/dl (the normal range is considered 70-100mg/dl).

If it is slightly higher, it may indicate prediabetes. Usually, fasting blood glucose 101-125 indicates pre-diabetes. But a single measure of blood glucose can not lead to a final conclusion related to diabetes.

Fasting blood glucose test can be affected by many factors especially food.

Your fasting blood glucose was 112 which can make you think you may have pre-diabetes but taking into account your diet the previous night this option can not stand.

A rich diet in carbs, fats, and proteins leads to fast elevation of blood glucose levels. You can detect this levels in the morning as the food needs time to get processed by the stomach and the morning time will correspond to the time when these levels reach their higher levels.

Also, insufficient sleep and stress contribute at raising the blood glucose levels. Medications you take and the time when you take them can raise the blood glucose.

This is true especially for the diabetes drugs when the time of drug administering is very important. If you are not diabetic and you don't have any other health condition that may affect the glucose levels there is nothing to worry about for sure.

On the other side, even if you are a diabetic and your fasting glucose level was 112 it is a great number especially after a dinner full of carbs and fats.

Carbohydrates affect the blood glucose the most. They are able to raise the blood glucose levels rapidly and maintain higher number for several hours in blood.

Fats make the insulin more resistant which means that more insulin is needed in order to control the glucose high concentrations in blood. Proteins have the same effect.

A heavy meal full of this type of foods (rice and especially cakes are rich in carbs, fats, and proteins).

As a conclusion, I might say that your fasting glucose level is higher than normal only because of the diet your had the previous night. If you are already diabetic 112 means that you medication is fully well controlling your diabetes.

I hope this is helpful for you. Feel free to ask if your have other questions.

Thank you.

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