Please HELP my Doc doesnt even "get it" - Brittle Diabetes?

by Misty
(Chattanooga, Tn)

Sings OF Brittle Diabetes

Sings OF Brittle Diabetes

QUESTION: I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 yrs ago. My doctor has tried everything by meds to try to get it steady and nothing helps.

It will go from 62 to 240 to 120 to 80 to 200 and so on all in a days time. some days it stays high some days it stays low. Diets & exercise don't even help.

It can be normal then I eat and it will be low or high and go up and down all by itself. I have been told I may have Brittle Diabetes.

ANSWER: Hi Misty,

I feel sorry for the nasty situation you are in. Hope you will succeed to maintain your blood glucose levels well-balanced, and no more oscillations.

If the doctor has told you have Brittle Diabetes, then, this could explain the frequent oscillation of your blood sugar levels.

However, you should never surrender, everything comes with a solution. Although you might see that your doctor is not helping you, to my opinion, that is not true.

From my experience, each doctor takes care of his/her patients although, sometimes, cases are delicate (like yours) and the much-wanted results do not come out easily.

  • Coming to your problem, first, see what causes your blood sugar to fluctuate:

    1. Is it the food you eat? - Pay attention to what you eat that brings your blood sugar up or down.

    2. Is it exercise? - Usually, diabetics experience high blood sugar levels when exercising because more sugar is produced to supply body muscles with the energy they need during exercise.

    However, right after exercise, blood sugar goes down (sometimes sharply down causing hypoglycemia). In this cases, you should take a snack, but first measure your blood glucose levels, before, when exercising and after exercise to see what is happening.

    3. Stress and psychological status play also an important role in blood sugar oscillations because of the release of certain "stress" hormones that brings them up.

    Try to cope with stress or think positive. Although the path seems to be black or narrow, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing comes for no reason in our life. Furthermore, we should try to do what we can; the rest is not up to us.

    4. Is the dose of your medications correct? - Talk to your doctor to adjust the dose or to teach you how to take your diabetic medications.

    At the end, it might seem a very difficult problem (it is indeed); however, record your blood sugar levels during the above-mentioned situations. In this way, you together with your doctor may judge yourself why the blood sugar levels fluctuate; so, you can take the right precautions together.

  • You may measure blood sugar whenever other time you see it is the most appropriate (while resting, reading or watching tv), to better understand the causes of your oscillations.

    Studies have determined that once the causes of Brittle Diabetes are known and correctly adjusted, patients have seen improvement is their blood glucose levels.

    All the best!


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