BG 159 before I eat & 107 2 hours after I eat

by Michael

QUESTION: I don't understand why my BG levels are lower 2 hours "after I eat" ... for instance 159 before I eat & then 2 hours later 107. Do you have any ideas?

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

To me, your BG are not worrisome. It is very good that your BG is lower 2 hours after eating. It is an indication that your pancreas is still able to produce and secrete insulin, and this insulin is well-functioning.

Your high blood glucose before eating would suggest that your daily activities (e.g., stress, working, etc) would influence your BG and make them raise.

However, my assumptions are done in lack of your medical data regarding your general health status, whether you are diabetic or not, what type, etc.

I hope you will go on with your good control of BG finding out what factors influence them in order to avoid them or definitely eliminate.

All the best!


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200 Blood Glucose Level

by Wendell

QUESTION: What happens when it reaches 200 what should I do to lower it and I do not know why it shot up to 200?

ANSWER: Hi Wendell,

  • First, I want to know if this was the result of your random blood sugar test, i.e. that you measured at home?

    If this is the case, then, you should try to measure your blood sugar at home again for at least 1 week, record the results.

    If you find more than 3 results with high blood sugar level like this, then you should go for other diabetic tests to confirm whether you are diabetic or not.

  • Some of further tests (that your doctor will prescribe) are fasting blood glucose and A1C test to make the right diagnosis.

  • Next, I'd like to know your clinical background, if you are having one or more of diabetic symptoms: fatigue, frequent peeing, being thirsty, etc.

    In case the results of above-mentioned blood sugar tests show blood glucose, and, at the same time, you have the diabetes symptoms, then, it might confirm the diagnosis that are you really a "DIABETIC" or "PRE-DIABETIC" (depending on the results).

    However, I need to know more on your clinical records.

  • You are asking why your blood sugar shot up? To answer it, I would like to know the diet
    and lifestyle you are following, the foods that you ate when you measured; when did you measure, etc.

    There are many explainations. Certain
    factors (age, genetics, certain metabolic diseases, diet, lifestyle, alcohol, obesity, etc) can precipitate the onset of diabetes.

    At this time, while you have your results, try to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet, and your blood sugar will come back to normal again.

    All the best!


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