High glucose in morning

by Kathy Cullen
(Coral Springs fl)


When I go to bed my sugar is 130 to 140. When I wake up it is 185. I don’t eat carbs and take jaudiance and januvia to control my diabetes.

What’s happening here?

ANSWER: Hello,

I understand your concern.

I think there are 2 main explanations to the changes of your blood sugar levels before going to bed at night and when waking up the next morning:

1. Somogyi effect: I suspect your blood sugar might be dropped in the middle of the night. So, your body will respond by relieving hormones to increase blood sugar levels. This will end up with increased sugar in the morning.

I advise to measure your blood glucose in the middle of the night (2.00 am to 3.00 am).

2. The medications you are currently taking to control diabetes. It might require a change in dosage or to change the total therapy.

But, to me, first should monitor your sugar levels in the middle of the night as advised above.

Do record the results for reference. Do not forget to send me the results in for further analysis and a more specific advice.

For the moment, should continue diet and lifestyle changes you are following alongside with medications prescribed by your doctor.

Hope this helps.


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