blood sugar always around 90-120

by Anonymous
(New York)

QUESTION: Hello Dr. My blood sugar is constantly around 95-120 ALL THE TIME. From what I know I am not diabetic and my fasting glucose level last year was 95 on my annual exam.

I have eaten a dinner filled with carbs and have had a blood spike of 165 2 hours after eating.

I am now on a low carb/high fat diet. Since starting this diet my blood sugar is always around 95-120 at all time even after I eat, with most of the time being over 100. I guess I would technically be pre-diabetic. I am about 100 lbs overweight and have lost around 20lbs and see no real change in my blood sugar.

Do you think with a continued diet I could go back to having normal blood levels. I do not want to go on any medication and really would like a DRs opinion.

Is it possible that my 95 fasting glucose level from exactly 11 months ago turned into full t2 diabetes or do you think its still prediabetes?

Thank You in advance

ANSWER: Hi my dear,

I understand your concern.

Your blood sugar levels (bsl) of 95 fasting is within normal range (I mean perfect).

After eating, it normal to have high bsl, especially after a high carb meal.

Now, what I think is happening in your case is you might be suffering of metabolic syndrome. You mention to be overweight, this increases the chance for insulin resistance explains such spikes in blood sugar especially after eating high carb meals.

Once your weight will be back to normal again, and if you eat healthy and continue regular physical activity ; then, I'm sure, you won't have problems with increased blood glucose again.

Let me know if you have further queries.


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