Fluctuating blood sugar levels 198 to 130

by Lenise Ramsey
(Spruce Pine, NC, USA)


I was diagnosed with T2D a year ago. I am female, 52yo, 5'2", weigh 200lbs and am post-menopausal.

I have NAFLD and recently had an initial diagnosis of early cirrhosis. I am on 2000 mg of metformin per day and 125mg of victoza.

I have not always been obese. I put on 80 pounds in the year prior to my diabetes diagnosis, even while trying to lose.

I know that today, getting off the extra weight is the key and first step to addressing these other issues.

I eat a low-carb, high protein, medium fat diet - no flour, sugar, white rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetable oil. I walk every day. I am feeling better than I did a year ago, but I have not lost a single pound.

So. here is my question: Today, my blood sugar just before dinner was 78. My dinner was steamed pork chop (fat trimmed), instant brown rice and cauliflower cooked in chicken broth. One hour later, my blood sugar was 198. That's a 120 point spike from what I thought was a low-glycemic meal.

What could I do doing wrong? What can I do differently? Even if my blood sugar goes back down in the next hour to say...130 or 140...isn't a spike like that still bad and could it be why I cannot lose any weight?

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Jan 26, 2019

by: Dr.Albana


Losing weight is not an easy thing to achieve.
Should be consistent though.

Now, when you had your meal, I think that pork chop do contain many calories and fat, so not that easy to digest.

So, should think for other ways to plan your daily diet menu. One sample diabetic diet menu can be as following:
- Breakfast: One boiled egg, 1 slice toast with low fat cheese, cherry tomatoes
- Snack time (around 10:00 am) : nuts or berries
- Lunch time : fish (baked or boiled); toast, apple, green salad
- Snack time (around 4 pm) : Greek yogurt
- Dinner (around 6 pm): Vegetables soup, fruit

Hope this helps.

Jun 10, 2019
Low-carb means truly low-carb
by: Anonymous

Rice is not great for weight loss.
Consider the Keto eating strategy. Lots on Internet, but in short:
1. Bring your carbs to under 20g a day - which means cutting out seemingly innocent foods like fruit, root vegetables, beans, wholegrain rice and chickpeas.
2. Eat enough fat to keep the hunger off.
3. Control all portions, including protein.
Good luck!

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