Diabetes high in morning / normal in evening

by Inder


My blood sugar levels are high in morning but normal in evening. Why?

ANSWER: Hi Inder,

Thank you for posting.

There are many factors causing high blood sugar in the morning including:

1. morning hormones: These are the hormones that are needed to give a fuel to your body to start the day.

2. high dosage of hypoglycemiants taken at bedtime. They might cause a drop in blood sugar level, which is consequently, shown with a reactive hyperglycemia in the early hours of the next morning.

So,as you may see, there are 2 scenarios noted in here:

A. if you are a diabetic, and are having such problems, I advise to:

- measure your blood sugar levels in the middle of the night
- measure bs in the morning
- get your HbA1C level checked.

Record the results, and report to your doctor to see how to adjust the dosage of medications.

B. In case, you are not a diabetic, and are not taking any hypoglyemiants, I advise to:
- run the tests as mentioned above to evaluate the oscillations of your blood sugar levels
- avoid heavy meals at bedtime, especially foods rich in simple sugar that would cause spikes in blood sugar at middle night.
- avoid meals rich in calories in the morning too to avoid further increase in bs.

Hope it was of help!

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Feb 15, 2015
Diabetes high in morning/normal in evening
by: Bonny C Damocles


Since my diagnosis as a type 2 diabetic in July 1991, my blood sugar level in the morning has always been high, but most of my evening blood sugar readings have been normal.

Why? My understanding is that the liver releases glucose from storage to cover the body's needs for nutrition.

This is on the assumption that dinner was about 10 hours earlier than your blood sugar reading.

In the evening, I would assume that you took your reading immediately before dinner, meaning that after lunch, you did some mental and physical activities which used up the excess glucose in your bloodstream.

Bonny C Damocles
Male,79 years old
Height 5'7", Weight 139 lbs.
I don't take any pharma drugs because my MD says I do not need them.

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