Why do I have deviation among blood sugar every day: 97, 103, 107 mg/dl?


I test my blood sugar every day and I see some deviation among the readings: some times i get 97, some times 103, some times 107. So, it varies from reading to reading so i'm not sure if those reading above are normal or i'm having hight blood sugar.

Those readings were taken after i wokeup in the morning befor eating my breakfast. The doctor is saying that my blood sugar is a little bit high but said that they don't depend on that test and there is another test at the hospital called A1C.

Thank you very much


First of all, let me remind you the normal blood glucose level, ranging between 64.8-104.4mg/dl, which means that almost all of the mentioned values are normal.

However, slight deviations like 107 mg/dl are allowed, if the day before you had dinner rich in carbs.

  • In addition, certain normal hormonal changes in the morning can influence and lead to slight elevation of the blood glucose concentration.

  • Furthermore, you have to know that the blood glucose level varies from time to time, so you don’t have to worry when the results are different every morning.

  • On the other hand, as there exist the early symptoms of diabetes (such as frequent hunger, with frequent thirst, along with severe urination), it would be easier to identify if you have diabetes signs.

  • Next, various infections of the pubic area are very frequent in certain patients; however, I could not say anything for your case as you have not mentioned any such problems.

  • Moreover, it is true that the fasting blood glucose test performed every morning as you did, is not a reliable source of information as the results of this test are depending on a lot of factors and this test is used to control diabetes not to confirm it, like in your case.

    Therefore, what your doctor has told you is right, because the HbA1c or A1C test can lead to the eventual confirmation of diabetes.

    In addition, you have to know that other tests, like OGTT (ORAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST) and random plasma blood glucose test are used when your doctor wants to confirm or exclude diabetes as diagnose.

    So, if you are still worried about having diabetes, you should speak with your doctor about the OGTT and the random plasma blood glucose tests to confirm or exclude diabetes.

    I hope that everything will be ok and the results are going to show that there is no Diabetes problem with you.

    Hope it helped!


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