Why Grandfather has fasting blood glucose level 102, postprandial 145?

by Aishwary


this is a medical student of a colg in india..

i jz wanted to ask a ques..my grand father has fasting blood glucose level is 102 n post prandial is 145..

So wat may be d probable cause of dis slight increase level of sugar???

ANSWER: Hi there,

Before I start to explain the condition of your grandfather, I will mention that the normal fasting blood glucose concentration is between 64.8-104.4mg/dl. Regarding these values, the fasting blood glucose test result of 102 is absolutely normal.

Anyways, regarding the post-prandial blood glucose level has to be less than 120mg/dl. However, this value stands for patients, who are under the age of 60 and I think that your grandfather is older.

I’m telling you this, because sometimes the old people are having very slow metabolism, due to degenerative metabolic changes, which are absolutely normal. This slow metabolism, leads to low speed of the metabolic reactions and accumulation of substrates, like glucose.

When there is accumulation of glucose, the concentration of glucose is going to be higher, like in your grandfather-145mg/dl. You have to know that this value is not showing that he has diabetes or something else.

However, you haven’t mentioned anything about HbA1c test result or something related to the early symptoms of diabetes, which are frequent hunger, great thirst and frequent urination, during which the patients produces a lot of urine.

Other thing, which is important for the condition of your grandfather, is that the normal degenerative changes are not related only to the metabolism, but even to the functioning of the cells.

You have to know that the cells of patients, who are above the age of 60, have too much waste products inside them. This fact explains the impaired metabolism and the low speed of the metabolic process.

There are two things, which your grandfather can do in purpose to improve his condition - exercises and diet. With the exercises, he will use the excessive amount of glucose in his blood, accumulated after having a meal. This will lead to lower post-prandial blood glucose concentration and normal fasting blood glucose level as well.

With regards to diet, your grandfather will reduce the intake of glucose, which will lead to lower blood glucose concentration and such values, like 145mg/dl are going to disappear.

However, if these results will remain still, do not worry, because as mentioned above, there is always a tolerance and accept these values as acceptable fasting and postprandial blood glucose.

Hope it helped!


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