Weird Blood Sugar Readings

by Sally
(Las Vegas)

QUESTION: I am 66 non diabetic..last A1c was 5.9 though.

I have not felt well for a while so I decided to watch my blood glucose. I take my blood sugar just before I eat then 1 hr or 2 hrs after I eat. been doing this for 2 weeks.

Sugar has never gone past 160 even just 1 hr after food. A few mornings fasting were 94 and one morning I took it and it was 159..Then 20 min later (no food or water it was 84) some mornings it is 110, 107, 122, 94, 97.

Today at about 5PM i took it I hadn't eaten in a few hrs it was over 300!! I took it again 5 minutes later it was 107...

What is going on?? I may have an infection somewhere?? yes??? can you help me please?? is my machine falty??

ANSWER: Hello Sally,

I read your message and understood your issue.

First thing, I would like to say and calm you down is that you do not have diabetes. You have been measuring your blood glucose more than once a day at different times during the day, before and after eat. Discovering different numbers in quite of a normal issue.

The human body acts differently throughout the day and night depending on many factors like diet, stress, physical activity etc.

Today you measured your blood glucose at 5pm and is was high- over 300. And this is because you were hungry at that moment (you hadn’t eaten for a few hours). When hungry, the body tries to use the glucose deposits in the body and makes a fast release of glucose in the bloodstream to supply the brain and whole body properly.

When you eat something or even when you wait a couple of minutes the glucose levels will reduce fast because what is realized is already used. If you stay without eating you feel hungry because the fast release glucose deposits will be over and that will trigger the hunger.

Also, you must consider what affects the blood glucose tests in general. Some medications may raise it, some do the opposite. If you measure your blood glucose levels after exercising or some other physical activity it will be low. The type of the food you eat affects the glucose levels as well. Stress is important to consider too.

Infection may change the blood glucose levels somehow but this is not your case. You say you do not feel well. It would be great if you mention to me other symptoms you may have. Or are you just stressed out lately or feeling tired?

At the end, I would like to emphasize that in general, your glucose profile is great. But A1c equal 5.9 is a signal of prediabetes. You are at risk of developing diabetes but you do not have it.

To reduce this risk is important to do some diet changing and increase your physical activity. Also, keep monitoring your blood glucose levels and repeat A1c test once a month.

Prediabetes usually does not require medication but if symptoms appear you may need some drugs to take. If in the next month the situation will be the same or get worse, even with proper diet and exercise, consult an endocrinologist.

Hope this is helpful.

Thank you.

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