South indians diabetes meal

by Annette Dcouto
(South India)


I am an Indian and would like to know the best breakfast, lunch tea/snacks and dinner that can be served for a diabetic considering the menu used by people from our parts of the world.

ANSWER: Hi Annette,

I will try to give you some meal suggestions according to your diabetic needs and Indian taste as per my knowledge and experience:

  • Breakfast: I would suggest Roti as you have a healthy way to bake it. And I also know that you serve it with some dishes prepared with lentils and grease.

    You can avoid the greasy part and use only this lentil-soup with roti for example.

  • As per Lunch, I would suggest rice (selected brown rice is better) with some boiled or steamed vegetables (including steamed bitter melon and other green leaves).

    You can have a glass of fruit juice like orange or ananas or just pure mineral water.

  • For dinner, I would suggest fish (avoid frying it) with roti or as soup, salad (slices of tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper (not chilly ones), little salt and olive oil).

  • As snack options, I would suggest to modify your desserts recipes. For example, instead of ghee, use vegetable oil.

    You can also have cashew nuts, peanuts, walnuts or any other fruits as salad or mixed with yogurt.

    Hope it helped!


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    Does brown rice raise your blood sugar level?

    QUESTION: Does brown rice raise your blood sugar level?

    ANSWER: Hi there,

    I think that it would be better for you to start eating brown rice, because it is not causing elevation in the blood glucose concentration at all.

    On contrary, the brown rice keeps the glucose in your body within the reference ranges, because it is made of complex carbs.

    When some food contains complex carbs, it is very difficult for the human body do digest it fast. In other words it takes more time for that food to be digested.

    Therefore, the glucose component of in the brown rice, will be released constantly, which will result in normal blood glucose levels.

    Because of the constant release of glucose, there will be no spikes in your glucose concentrations, which of course will ensure you better blood glucose regulation.

    In purpose to remind you, I will mention that there are other foods, which contain complex carbs and which you can use in your diabetic diet.

    Amongst them, I would suggest millet, still oats and others. The combination of those meals will provide you marvelous components of a very good diabetic meal plan and an excellent blood glucose regulation.

    Hope it helped!


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