How to control/manage my PP Blood sugar levels?

by nellie

QUESTION: I am 55, 5.10/74 KG, associate professor. I have been suffering from Diabetes ( in the family) for the past 10 years.

Of late despite regular medication and 2 km morning walk, my pp blood Sugar is shooting up. So I am not taking morn/eve insulin (12unit/10 unt) with medicines and one cap.fenugreek..but still its high around 240.

Any diet/exercise tips and advice?

ANSWER: Hi Assoc.Prof.Nellie,

Based on you diabetes history of 10 years, to my opinion, you record a blood sugar level of 240 after having a meal, which is normally recorded in diabetics like you.

However, I can only say that there are many factors that affect blood sugar despite foods and exercise.

  • Physical Stress or emotional or psychological stress can contribute in recording high blood glucose. As an academician, I think you are commonly involved in "academic" stress to succeed in your research or other academic activities you are involved.

    As stress is part of our life, we must cope with it. Your walking exercise is a good weapon against stress. Furthermore, try to walk in a woody area to breathe fresh air in order to clean up you body and mind and be fresh enough for new "battle".

  • Water is another weapon to help your body and mind cleanse. Please make a habit to drink plenty of water (at least 10 glasses per day, or more according to your body needs if
    you are living in a hot area). Natural mineral water is my favorite (my best selection).

  • Having juices with freshly squeezed fruits or vegetables (I prefer the mixed ones), are also a good weapon against stress and diabetes, especially when you take them first thing in the morning.

  • Please understand that you must work in all these "lines" at the same time. Do not expect that fenugreek or other diabetic herbs can make miracles for you. If you are consistent and never give up, you will get your blood sugar near normal again.

  • A last thing I want to remind you: Please talk to your doctor about your blood sugar levels, which one you should consider normal or acceptable.

    Usually, diabetics have levels of glucose higher than normal, but they are still considered normal for them (or acceptable). So, you must know what your acceptable blood sugar levels are from your doctor as he/she has your medical record data.

    All the best!


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