Diabetes And Alcoholism

by kirit

How does alcoholic drinks affect diabetes?

Should Diabetics Drink Alcohol?
Answer By Dr Alba

There are several studies indicating that drinking alcohol in moderation may lower your blood sugar levels. However, I do not think alcohol is advisable to diabetics, because:

1. As alcohol is not metabolized in the stomach, it is directly put in the bloodstream. Within the first 90 minutes, it will reach the peak.

Liver is the organ, which takes care of cleansing our bloodstream from alcohol, because alcohol is consider a poison to your body.

Your hypoglycemic drugs, with reduce your blood glucose. At this point, when blood glucose is too low, liver starts to produce it through the process of neoglycogenesis.

But, your liver is too ocupied on cleansing the alcohol from the bloodstream. Therefore, the gluconeogenesis could be run. As a consequence, you will have too low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia), which can be even fatal.

2. Alcohol can alter the function of your liver cells, and contributing to the cirrhosis. As diabetes can also contribute to the liver damage,if you decide to drink alcohol, you will add "more petrol to the fire", and precipitate the severe consequences.

3. Another aspect is the social one. When someone starts to make something a habit, at the beginning we will always say: "I can take control of myself". However, we all fall into the "bad habit taking control of us".

The same happens to alcohol. If your start taking only one or half a glass of wine or whatever each day, at the end, you will ask for more (as you feel your body needing more, that is not true).

So, at the end, you will be depended on alcoholism and every single cell of your body will be ruined. Do you like that? I do not for that I know our body does not need alcohol.

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