Is there any herb workable for diabetes type 1?

QUESTION: My daughter is diagnosed with diabetes type1 around 3 years back she is 14 now.

Is there any herb workable to reduce the level of her sugar?

She is taking insulin but still the level are high.

Can u help?



ANSWER: Hi Paul,

I understand that having a kid with diabetes is something hard for you and your little child. Below, I will give you some directions to work together with your daughter.

You can also consult her doctor regarding the right herbs for type 1 diabetes to come out with the right ones suitable for your little girl.

1. At first, remember that kids with diabetes type 1 have to take their insulin shots, no matter the usage of herbs. So, follow the directions of her doctor, regarding the insulin treatment.

2. Second, there are herbs like cinnamon, bitter melon and cayenne pepper, which will help your kid bring her blood glucose results back to normal.

You can use them while preparing your daughters dishes or in form of salads. Other forms of getting them include capsules or multivitamins.

Be careful in following the directions given on the box, because all of them have different dosage. Do not exceed the maximum daily dose, because of the risk for hypoglycemia.

I have to admit that the effect of those herbs will be noticed after the first few days of the usage. It needs time for the herbs to reduce the blood glucose level.

Always consult her doctor for any change in the insulin

3. I want to remind you that kids need vitamins and mineral, because of their growth. Make a consultation with your doctor which the suitable vitamins are for your kid as you may find them in the form of supplements containing the herbs extracts too.

4. Other important thing is the diet. You have to know that every kid with diabetes has to avoid the usage of chocolate and other sweet stuff, which may ruin the blood glucose results.

Because of this, I will ask you to start giving her vegetables and fruits more than usual.

5. Important part of every diabetic treatment is the exercises. You can always, take her out for a walk, when you have time, but this walk has to be not less than 30 minutes every single day.

Besides, it would be better for her to start running at least one time a day. The physical activities are going to help her burn the excessive amount of glucose in her blood.

I know that it is hard for a parent and a kid to combine all these things together, but you have to know that they are proved to work.

So, do your best and always consult your daughter doctor for everything.

Hope it helped!


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