The right herbs for type 1 diabetes

by Barbara Opperman
(East London, South Africa)

My son is now 19 years old and has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 5.

Short of giving him about ten natural herb tablets per day to help him for the good effects of each one, eg cayenne pepper for circulation, lecithin to control cholesterol, cinnamon, cranberry tablets for kidney and bladder health and Alpha Lipoic Acid and a good multi vitamin for overall good health, is there perhaps only one, two or maybe three tablets that I could give him that would be just as good instead of giving him all of those every day?

I am desperately trying to help preserve all of his organs that I know could be affected through diabetes. I live in South Africa so I need to be able to purchase these products here.

Thank you always for your interesting and informing site - I read it every single day to keep updated, etc, and it is fantastic - thanks. Mrs B Opperman.


Hi Barbara,

First, I want to congratulate for your strong willing to get knowledge and help your son. I hope you will succeed in helping him maintain his body organs as clean from complications as possible.

You are of the few persons asking and getting answers from this websites, becoming a good example for others who want to get help.

Coming to your concern. It is good that you are trying to use herbs. As I was recommend to other diabetics (especially type 1), you should consult your son's endocrinologist and inform him/her what you are trying to do.

This is because, all these herbs your son in taking affect his blood sugar, and his insulin dosage should be corrected (lowered). But you need to discuss this with his doctor as he/she knows better his situation or other things that I am not aware of.

Next, some of these herbs, can be used when preparing the dishes; so if you are able to find them
in your area, go ahead and put them in the dishes (not necessarily to take as supplements).

For example, cayenne pepper, cinnamon (preparing tea or some diabetic desserts or as salad dressings).

Whilst for alpha lipoic acid, lecithin and other multivitamins and minerals, you can just take one supplement that contains all of them. Have a look at product in this page and see if this is suitable for your son. You can contact the persons there by yourself and ask if it suitable for your son.

In addition, you can boost your son's diet with the foods that mostly contain the above-mentioned nutrients. For example:

Foods high in alpha lipoic acid:
- broccoli, spinach (and other dark leaf vegetables); liver and kidney are also high in alpha lipoic acid, but you should limit intake (up to 3 times/week)

Foods high in lecithin:
- whole grains; milk, soya beans; some meat products (kidney, liver, brain), but be careful to the amount; egg yolks (limited to 3 times/week).

At the end, boost your son's diet with all these foods, talk to his doctor to see how you can use the supplements (schedule) and how to adjust insulin dosage.

If you have any other inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us, and hopefully we will help you with knowledge we have and search.

All the best to your son and to you in your battle against diabetes.

P.S. Do not forget lifestyle changes, help him be active, think positively, and acquire good habits (no alcohol, no drugs, no smoking); so it will be easier for him to live with his type 1 diabetes.

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Sep 21, 2015
Huntaria umbellata shown in clinical trials to treat diabetes
by: Anonymous

I have read that huntaria umbellata can treat type 1 diabetes. Google pubmed huntaria umbellata type 1 diabetes. This is a tree that grows in different countries in Africa, one country being Nigeria. Good luck!

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