How green tea affects blood glucose level?

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QUESTION: How green tea affects blood glucose level?

ANSWER: Hi there,

Interesting fact is that green tea is a very useful herb in patients with diabetes, because it stimulates the secretion of insulin.

However, it is not quite clear which substance of the green tea causes such stimulation, but it is proven, that it really works.

Because of this, almost all of the doctors are telling the patients with diabetes to start drinking green tea.

Keep in mind that hat green tea is able to stimulate the secretion of insulin, and not to cause insulin secretion.

I mean that patients with diabetes type 2 are going to experience a stimulation of the insulin secretion, because they still have insulin secretion.

The bad thing is that people with diabetes type 1 are not able to experience this effect, because they don't have insulin secretion at all.

Because of the stimulated insulin secretion, the usage of green tea, will lead to reduction of the blood glucose concentration, ensuring you a proper control of the blood glucose level. Do not forget to take the medications prescribed by your doctor.

Next, remember that exercises and diet are also very useful for the treatment of diabetes and you are supposed to combine all these things in purpose to keep your blood glucose level within normal ranges.

Hope it helped!



Sweet Potatoe
by Anonymous

QUESTION: This not a comment but a question.
I am told that eating raw sweet potatoe is beneficial for diabetes patients.

Have you any information about this.


We are trying to help you further in your concern. Therefore, we have prepared a more specific answer to your question hoping that would give you a hand.


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