Allopathy vs Ayurvedic Medicine

by Varun


I know that it would be best to control one's blood sugar with natural herbs, exercises etc but if it still does not come within limits, what would you advise?

Should one go on allopathy medication (like Glycophage) or ayurvedic tablets (like Diabac)? Is the latter better than the former or are both as bad?

ANSWER: Hi Varun,

When a patient is first diagnosed with diabetes, the first line of treatment recommended include lifestyle and diet changes.

Using herbs is also recommended not only at the beginning, but also during all the treatment of diabetes.

  • If the above natural steps would fail bringing blood sugar back to normal range again, then, doctors do prescribe hypoglycemiant drugs.

    I would like to emphasize that although one is under medicines, however, he/she should not stop using herbs or performing the lifestyle and diet changes.

    I would be great if one is always following these steps. Please keep in mind that everything you do, you should advise with your doctor because it would be needed to change dose or therapy during the course of treatment.

    At the end, to reply to your question. As you may see, there is no precise answer to your question. It all depends on how well one diabetic is reacting to both therapies (allopathy and ayuverdic).

    And the only one who can give an exact answer is only your doctor as he/she is following you closely.

    Hope it helped!


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