Treatment to Control Type 1 Diabetes?

by Simran Khalsa


This is Simran, I'm 14 years old and suffering from type 1 diabetes from 2 months and my sugar is very high...

When I come to know that I have diabetes it was 580 and I want to know is there any treatment that help me to take control my diabetes or to take relief? From taking insulin???

ANSWER: Hi Simran,

First, I want to make sure that you really have type 1 diabetes. So, I need to know more about your health status:

- What is your A1C level? It is important to have this result to see what is really going on with your blood sugar levels.

- Next, did you measure only fasting blood glucose or your doctor performed a random test? What levels did your doctor suggest as acceptable blood glucose for you? If not, please ask your doctor for this point.

- Have your doctor asked for a test that measures the insulin in the urine? This is very important because there are patients whose pancreas still produce insulin and have been mistakenly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

- Are you overweight?

- Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

- Do you like sports or other physical activities?

The last three questions could also give a hand in determining the
type of diabetes you might have.

In addition, you are asking the treatment. It involves many strategies depending your current health status and other diseases you might have.

  • So, if you really are a type 1 diabetic, your doctor has put you on insulin therapy for sure. You should regularly monitor your blood sugar levels to prevent spikes or low levels of glucose (hypoglycemia).

  • It is compulsory for you to eat the right foods for diabetics, properly organize your meals throughout the day, and always stay active.

  • Apart of the above mentioned strategies, there are certain herbs and spices that can be used by type 1 diabetics.

    They are good at avoiding spikes in blood sugar through many mechanisms.

    Some of them include cinnamon, cayenne pepper, bitter melon, foods and supplements high in alpha lipoic acid (such as broccoli, green leaves, liver, kidney, etc.) and lecithin (whole grains, eggs yolk, milk, meat products, etc.).

    You can also ask folks for your own traditional herbs and spices that have been locally used for diseases such as diabetes.

    Although these herbs, spices and foods are also included in your diet, please do not rely on their work alone if you really are diagnosed with diabetes type 1.

    You should always consult with your doctor as he/she knows better your health status and medical data.

    Hope it helped!


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