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I have type 1 diabetes from last 6 months and I am 42 years old.

Presently, my reading are before breakfast 165 and after luch it is 265. I am taking insulin 16 units before breakfast and 12 units before dinner.

I follow the diet chart which has been given by my doctor. I have been advised to increase my weight to 72. My current weight is 59 kg, my height is 5'9".

Please suggest if my treatment is correct.

ANSWER: Hi Ajay,

First, I would like to know what made your doctor think you have type 1 diabetes? Did he/she check your insulin level in blood or urine to find it out?

Did your medical history suggest such type of diabetes? Or, your diagnosis was made according only to your symptoms?

I would like to have such information, because if one is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; it means that pancreas does not produce and secrete insulin at all.

Usually, type 1 diabetes is hereditary and is diagnosed the first years of life. In your case, it is diagnosed at the age of 42 years old.

Therefore, I would like to have more information regarding your personal and family history of diabetes and if you have been suffered from any disease (viral or other) that have destroyed the beta cells of your pancreas.

Given the fact that I do not have such information from you; I would only say that the treatment is only decided by your doctor as he/she knows better your current health status and the info I do not have.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that you have to work closely with your doctor in order to clearly decide your exact treatment.

Meanwhile, be prepared that your doctor might change your therapy from time in time according to your needs and the development of your diabetes.

Hope it helped!



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