Taking 620 mg capsule of Fenugreek supplement but no change in Blood sugar level - Should shift to seeds?

by Alex

QUESTION: I am taking a Fenugreek supplement from Solaray company. The direction is 1(620mg) capsule 2-4 times a day. Taking for 2 weeks no change in BS level. Should it be better to take the seeds?

How much of seeds and how often to take?

ANSWER: Hi Alex,

It is very good that you are paying attention to the natural ways of beating diabetes, because sometimes the medications are not as safe and effective as the natural alternatives.

  • It is true that fenugreek is one of the most effective herbs on the market to lower blood sugar. However, you have to know other thing - this herb is not able to do everything by itself.

    In other words, if you want to lower your blood glucose level, you have to follow a proper diabetic diet and to start/continue doing exercises, along with the usage of Fenugreek.

    To sum it up, your diabetic diet should be composed of meals low in cholesterol and in glucose.

    With regards to exercises, running at least for 30 minutes a day or walking or jogging can be perfect options. All these will help you reduce the glucose concentration in your organism.

  • Now, coming to the Fenugreek usage, the best dosage is to take one capsule of 620 mg every 12 hours. That means that you should take one pill at the morning and one pill before going to bed.

    However, sometimes the capsules are not effective, which means that you have to stick to the seeds as you said. I do not know if the supplement you are taking does have the seeds extract.

    It is true that the most effective part of the Fenugreek plant is the
    seed. So, if you want to use the raw seeds, there are two ways for that.

    1. The first is to make a tea of them and 2. the second is to swallow raw seeds twice a day. Of course, both ways are effective and you have to choose the best for you.

    If you choose to make tea, first you have to crush the seeds, and then to put them in hot boiled water. When the seeds are in the water, you have to wait for another 3 hours until the tea is ready.

    As you can see, it is not something difficult, but it takes time, while the taste of this beverage is not so pleasant for most of people. However, I hope it would be for you:)

  • The second manner of usage is related with the chew of the seeds, which does not require special preparation.

    However, everything depends on your opinion, but it would be better for you to continue with the capsules and with the exercises and diet as well. If there is no effect, than change the capsules with seeds.

    With regards to the dose used, there is no established dose. Different researches have been used up to 15 grams with meal; other up to 1 gram. per day.

    To my opinion, try not to overpass 5 grams per day, this is what I trust and recommend to my patients.

    Hope it helped!


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    Aug 13, 2014
    Cooking Methods for Fenugreek Seeds
    by: Jess Wundring

    EXPERIENCE: I've found that fenugreek seeds are most pleasant to chew after they've been soaking in water for many hours.

    Put the seeds in a bowl, with enough water to cover them as though making rice, and then set them aside until the following morning. The seeds will absorb the water, expanding and becoming much softer and chewy.

    I actually like the way they taste at this point. :)

    REPLY: Hi Jess,

    Thank you for sharing with us your experience. I'm sure others will get the same benefits and will enjoy taking fenugreek as you are doing.

    All the best!

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