Diabetes and Hyperthyroidism

by Megha

QUESTION: Hello Doctor,

My husband has Type 2 diabetes with recent A1c level to 6.4%. He is on without medication & have a balanced diet. Well from last 1 year he has lost almost 20 lb.

In his recent visit to Doctor,it has been diagnosed that he has 'Hot' hyperthyroidism. The Doctor has told to prescribe some medicines or IV test after some testing. Now my questions are:

1. Is there any way that this disease can be treated permanently?

2. Which is the best medicine to start now so that my husband can put on his weight again as he feels too much of weakness now a days?

3. What else treatments are available?


ANSWER: Hi Megha,

Please find your questions answered as following:

1. In majority of cases, patients with hyperthyroidism respond well to the treatment. Moreover, we can say that the treatment is permanent.

However, please keep in mind that 2 + 2 does not equal to 4 in medicine; never. In other words, we can say that the treatment gives permanent cure, but, as long as the real factor leading to hyperthyroidism is not well known, we cannot assure that it won't come back again. Hope you got my idea.

2. Usually, doctors prescribe radioactive iodine and other anti-thyroid drugs to treat this thyroid condition. These are two main groups of drug treatment.

Only the endocrinologist of your husband will decide which medication is suitable to him taking into account his personal and medical data.

In addition, his doctor will closely watch how well is your husband responding to the therapy and how well he is tolerating the drugs. As I am not closely monitoring your husband, I cannot state more than that.

3. The main therapy is based on the above-mentioned drugs. On the other hand, patients are usually treated with beta blockers to cure their enhanced heart beats or other cardiovascular problems.

In rare cases, when patients do not tolerate well this treatment, doctor prescribe the surgery as the unique treatment.

If you are asking what is the best choice for your husband; I can only suggest to closely work with his endocrinologist because his doctor knows better his medical history.

Hope it helped!


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CONCERN: My sugar level test came back at 116, which I understand is high. But how high?

I have hyperthyroidism, and when my thyroid was really high (3.5), my sugar level was 65. Now that I have my thyroid under control, the sugar level is back up and I haven't done a thing differently.

Is this Diamaxol supplement worth the money?


Problems of thyroid gland are not because of diabetes, but often they occur along with diabetes.
To me, your blood sugar levels are not neither high nor too high. They are within the limits (<120 mg/dl).

If you keep your thyroid problems under control, you may be able to keep diabetes under control too.

You must understand that not only the thyroid hormones affect blood sugar levels; but there exist many other factors: from foods you eat or drink; to lifestyle habits and so on.

About Diamaxol, as far as I know it contains the extracts of some herbs which have been used for ages (and clinically proven) to lower blood sugar levels. Also it contains some vitamins and minerals which are important for diabetics, but they are in lack.

You may go to the review page or call the people there for any concern or inquiry you may have.

Remember: The secret of fighting diabetes is in what you do and what you eat. Others help when you cannot control what you eat and what you do.

Hope you had your answer! Good luck!


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