Help to beat my diabetic mom's leg pain?

by Lucas

My mom, 63 is diagnosed as diabetic 13 years ago. Now she is experiencing pain in her legs, sometimes she said it hurts to bone and she doesn't know what to do in that moment. Sometimes she doesn't “feel” her toes, like numb. She is still working and walks everyday, but cannot resist cookies. Has anybody beat pain related to diabetic neuropathy, I'd be thankful for any solution as long as my mother is well.

Nice tips to beat diabetic leg pain
by: Anonymous


I can advise you with many steps your dear mother can do to keep her feet healthy, including:

1 Keeping her blood glucose level within target levels; she certainly should avoid eating cookies, or at least, follow a low sugar cookie recipe.

2 Each day, your mother must check her feet carefully for cuts, red legions, swellings and blisters. You can help her by checking the bottoms of her feet.

3 You said ?She is still working and walks every day?, this physical activity is very good in her condition, but she should ask her doctor for special shoes.

4 Daily, your mother should wash her feet thoroughly, and dry them carefully, particularly in between her toes.
5 You should rub the top and bottom of her feet with skin lotion to avoid dry skin complications.

6 You can also help your mother to
trim her toenails straight across, usually, use a nail file to smoothen the edges.

7 Always, ask your mother to wear comfortable shoes and socks all the time, and never to walk barefoot. Inspect inside her shoes before she wear them to make sure that there is no hard objects inside and that the lining is smooth.

8 Never to let your mother use heating pads, warm bottles or electric blankets; as she can burn her feet without feeling so. Actually, she should protect her feet from extremely hot and cold effects.

9 Help your mother to keep good blood circulation to her feet, by asking her to rise up her feet while sitting. You can encourage her to wiggle her toes and move her ankles up and down for five minutes, twice daily. She should avoid crossing her legs for extended periods, and she must stop smoking (if she is a smoker).

I am sure that these few steps can significantly relief the pain your mother is suffering now from her feet.

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