Diabetes foot sore

by Al

QUESTION: Are the diabetes foot sore preventable? What's the best way as treatment?

Why does it happen: because of diabetes or other factors?


You have to know that diabetes is a very serious condition, which sometimes leads to wounds on the legs. The only possible way to prevent this condition is to keep your blood glucose level and your HbA1c concentration within the normal ranges.

There are two main causes of this condition, where the first one is diabetic neuropathy. During this condition, you are not able to feel anything in your legs.

Sometimes, this leads to accidental injuries of the legs characterized by wounds, difficult to heal. Moreover, diabetic neuropathy appears, because of the elevated blood glucose concentration caused by poor control of diabetes.

Persistent high blood glucose level leads to occlusion of the arteries, which are providing blood for the nerves and nerve damages.

  • The other cause for wounds on the legs is impaired circulation of the arteries, which are providing blood for the muscles, skin and ligaments of the foot.

    During this impaired circulation, the blood vessel is plugged, stopping the blood. As you can imagine, if there is not blood, the necrosis begins and this
    necrosis leads to wounds.

    3. Third thing is that similar wounds are appearing during other conditions, like cirrhosis, burning and others.

    As I’m not aware of your general condition, this makes me unable to identify the exact cause of those wounds.

  • Regarding the treatment of diabetic wounds, you have to know that it is very difficult. This treatment is a mixture of invasive and not invasive procedures.

    Invasive procedures are removal of the dead tissue, which is situated mainly at the centrum of the wound. After this removal, there is a temporary bandage and if it is necessary the surgical removal of those dead tissues is estimated again.

    Non-invasive procedures are related with the application of antibiotics and vitamins, if there is bacterial or fungal infection. However, these procedures are estimated by a specialist and you have to make a consultation with him before them.

    Hope it helped!


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