Diabetes and Foot Pain Relief?

by Asmer

My uncle is type 2 diabetes and have horrible foot pain. He has been very careful with his feet, but the pain is always there.

His doctor and podiatrist is looking after him with the pain killers, pain relievers, foot cream and lotions, but nothing.

Sometimes, he likes to put his foot in midst of ice and when it's snowing, he feels relieved when walking barefoot in the snow.

What other alternatives should I advise to my uncle to help his diabetes food pain relieved at last?

Diabetes and feet pain relief alternatives
by: Alba

Diabetic feet pain and other problems are very common, and hardly to reverse. The most important thing is to bring the blood sugar levels back to normal . However, when diabetics fail to do so for long time, then comes the time for these types of problems.

Focus on optimizing his blood sugar level.
Advise him not to never walk barefoot. As diabetics have nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) , they are insensitive to injuries, thus walking barefoot may worsen their diabetic foot problems.

Follow good feet hygiene practices; wear large-space shoes; and be in close contact with podiatrist.

Acupuncture or herbal mixtures for feet care can give a hand; but consult your doctor before starting any alternative treatment.

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