Complications Of Blood Sugar Level Of 455 mg/dl?

QUESTION: I have type two diabetes and have a blood sugar level of 455mg/dl.

What complications will this cause me short term and long term if it stays that high?

ANSWER: Hi there,

You have to know that blood glucose level of 455mg/dl is very high and you have to do something about it immediately, because the normal blood glucose level is between 64.8 and 104.4mg/dl.

I will ask you to inform your medical care provider immediately, because of the elevated risk of diabetic complication.

In purpose to understand better your situation, I will inform you about those complications, because your situation is very serious.

  • The short-term complications, which are putting your life in danger, are DKA and HHS. DKA stands diabetic ketoacidosis and it is characterized by the production of the ketone bodies.

    These ketone bodies are produced, because there is not glucose in the cells and there is plenty of it in your blood. As these ketone bodies are damaging the function of brain, that leads sometimes to coma.

    The other condition HHS- hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state is characterized by dehydration.

    As you probably know glucose is osmotic agent, which means that it has the ability to attract water. Because of the elevated blood glucose level you are urinating a lot, which leads to the loss of liquids.

    This leads to the
    concentration of the blood and reduced blood pressure along with the increased risk of thrombosis. This condition is dangerous because it leads to thrombosis, followed by myocardial infraction or stroke or sometimes to coma.

    2. Regarding the long-term complications, you have to know that elevated blood glucose level causes damages of the eye of the kidney and of the peripheral nerves.

    Generally, the damages of the eye are leading to vision loss, which is progressive. The kidney damages are leading to chronic renal failure, which requires life supporting hemodialysis.

    The damages of the peripheral nerves are characterized by neuropathy and loss of sensation, combined with wounds on the legs sometimes.

    You have to know that in long term, diabetes leads to atherosclerosis, which is the major cause for myocardial infarction and stroke.

    As you probably know, these are two very dangerous and life-threatening conditions. So I’m asking you to consult with your doctor about adjustments in the therapy, because this blood glucose concentration of 455mg/dl will not end well.

    Hope it helped!


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