Body Pain In Diabetics!

by Irfan Khan

QUESTION: I am 58 years old and my sugar level is normally between 100-130 mg/dl Fasting and takes Glucophage XR 500 mg daily . I feel body pain whole day , any relation with diabetes for the pain

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ANSWER: Hi Khan,

Feeling pain is a symptom typical for a lot of conditions.

  • Therefore, I need to know where do you feel pain and/or if it increases or decreases while doing physical activity. To make it clear, do you feel like the pain gets harder if you walk or do you feel relieved when walking?

  • Next, I want to know if your pain depends on the weather. I’m asking you this, because sometimes the abdominal pain gets worse during the spring and the autumn.

  • Something else, which is particularly important for the pain, is the exact location of hurting. I understand that your whole body aches, but I want to know if there is a particular place of your body, where the pain is strongest or it is disseminated.

  • Regarding your question, yes diabetes can cause pain, but generally, such pain is local in a particular place of your body, like limb, head, abdomen and others.

    Besides this, feeling such pain is not a good symptom, because it shows the beginning of polyneuropathy. Therefore, in purpose to know if you have
    developed polyneuropathy, please talk with your physician if you need to perform a electromyography. This is the only accurate test, which can show or exclude the existence of polyneuropathy.

    I want to remind you something else: Generally, diabetic patients experience their pain in the feet, indicating the development of the polyneuropathy. If this condition is caught on time, it can be treated very easily with alpha-lipoic acid.

  • Now, let me tell you that there are 2 other conditions, which can cause body pain as following:

    1. The first one is the Lyme diseases. This condition is cause by certain type of mites, which are living especially during the spring and the summer.

    This explains why I have asked you about feeling pain particularly in any season. However, generally the pain is concentrated in the limbs, the lower and the upper ones.

    2. The other condition, which can appear with body pain, is fibromyalgia. This is quite an unpleasant condition with unknown cause and is diagnosed only by your health-care provider.

    In general the patient feels pain all over his body, like you, but the pain gets stronger under pressure. However, you haven’t mentioned such thing and I suppose that this is not your case.

    However, the best option for you is to talk with your physician in purpose to find the exact cause of your condition.

    Hope it helped!


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    Heel Pain & Farting Diabetes Problems?

    by Narendra Rajpathak

    QUESTION: Hello Doctor ,

    Am at 39 yes old diabetic man since Jan 2011 and not taking any medicine. Am on Exercise and diet control, checking Blood sugar levels once in 2 months.

    My weight was 67 Kg before diabetic in 2011 and now it got to 62-63 varies .

    Last readings are
    Fasting - 141 then 121 then 89
    PP - 284- 145-132

    Last 2 Hba1c Test results(which gives last 3 month sugar control Test) - 6.8 and now 6.1

    I do exercise as 2 km walk in the morning and problem is am sitting at office almost 6 -7 hours.


    1. My Toe side/last part of Foot (Taach /Heel side) started paining ... even now I have changed my shoes also still going on. Is that part of Diabetic problem ?

    2. Am eating and getting so bad odor and farting a lot /Gas trouble . How can we digest food with no medicine /natural medicine..?

    If I do more exercise I feel very low ... (to reduce to gas trouble ...). I eat 4 times a day - morning breakfast - lunch - evening snack - dinner. Am totally veg and no alcohol.

    3. Is it good idea to start treatment? Or

    Lets wait for more ...

    Thanks a lot .,

    ANSWER: Hi Narendra,

    Please find the following answers to your concern. Be aware that they are not the last word, but would help your catch what's going on with your body.

    In either cases, please consult with your doctor as he/she knows better your medical history than I do:

  • From a general point of view, I would say that you are taking good control of your diabetes according to the sugar test results and lost weight.

    I want to congratulate your for that and encourage to go on like this.

    1. With regards to your first concern, it is good that you have changed your shoes. Try to wear larger and not tight ones.

    Next, try to wear orthopedic shoes, not flat ones to reduce stretching stress caused to your heel; thus, reducing the pain.

    When you do exercise or walking, try to also wear orthopedic athletic shoes and not walking barefoot or with flat shoes.

    Moreover, you are saying that you sit for up to 7 hours at office. That could be an explanation to your problem: "Bad circulation to your feet".

    Try to take a low chair or box and put your legs over it once in a while. You can take short breaks every hour to relax your feet.

    When you go back home, try to put your feet in warm water with little baking soda for up to 10 minutes. Massages to your feel, especially where it hurts, are also eligible.

    2. Farting and gas trouble could be result of the diet you are following to reduce high blood sugar.

    What I suggest is to perform a lab test called "Examination of feces for candidosis" to determine whether is also a problem with gastrointestinal candidosis or not.

    If yes, you should ask your doctor to take some medicine or to go further what is the causes of your candidosis.

    In either cases, you can take some oral lactobacilli at the pharmacy for up to 2 weeks, twice daily and see the difference.

    3. As I said at the beginning, you are controlling your diabetes in an excellent way. Just follow our suggestions and be close to your doctor in any case.

    Hope it helped!


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