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My Simple Spinach Rice Diabetic Recipe

spinach rice diabetic recipe

Hi dear readers.

I have found this simple spinach rice diabetic recipe and wanted to share with you. In fact, it is one of our traditional kitchen treasures:))) It is low in calories, and contains the ingredients for a healthy diabetic eating.

For this simple recipe, I took:

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Green leaves: Spinach, Fresh Sorrel Leaves, Spring onion, Fresh mint leaves, Parsley

A little cup of rice


Olive oil

Salt to taste

Spinach, Fresh Sorrel Leaves, Spring onion, Fresh mint leaves, Parsley

After washing the leaves thoroughly with water, I cut them and put inside a dish to boil.

It is better to steam them instead of boiling. I could not use my steamer as it was "out-of-date":)))

I tried to boil until not vanishing their color:)

Step no.1:

Cut the green leaves.

green leaves

Step no.2:

Bring them to boil (or steam).

green leaves boil

Step no.3:

Let them reduce the volume a little bit. Then pour the rice. Add water until cooked (I preferred al-dente; you can choose others too).

green leaves with rice

Step no.4:

When it is cooked, pour olive oil and salt to taste. It is advised to use 1 tablespoon olive oil for person.

At the end, enjoy your greeny plate:)))

spinach rice ready to eat

At the end, I want to remind you that you can modify your own recipes according to your diabetic needs.

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Thank you for following and sharing with us your problems. We are committed to try our best to sincerely help you.

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