Diabetes Eye Complications?

by Adie

QUESTION: What exactly do diabetes eye complications refer to? If my daddy has blurred vision or eye-pain, does it mean that his problems are due to diabetes?

My father is 15 years type 2 diabetic, recently complaining of eye-pain, sometimes cannot see very well, other times his eyes are as red as blood; and I am concerned?

What's the best way to overcome these eye problems? How can I help my daddy? He has been controlling very well his diabetes, but recently has some blood sugar spikes that we don't understand.

No other medications he is using, only the same habits and eating the same foods.

ANSWER: Hi Adie,

It is good that you are taking care of your daddy. In purpose to help you, firstly I want to clarify that diabetes eye complications are characterized by retinopathy.

This is a condition during which the elevated blood glucose concentration causes clothing of the arteries supplying blood for the eye.

This is not something good for the eye, because the blood provides nutrients and oxygen, which are needed from every tissue, including the eye.

It is true that blurred vision, eye-pain, temporary loss of vision and redness of the eye are typical for diabetic retinopathy, but there are other conditions, which are leading to same symptoms.

For example, one of the possible conditions, which can lead to such symptoms, is glaucoma. Important fact is that sometimes, certain cancers are leading to similar symptoms.

However, I’m not able to tell you, if these symptoms are caused by either diabetes, glaucoma or something else, because several tests have to be estimated.

The only way to help your daddy is to take him to ophthalmologist, which can establish the exact cause and the correct treatment.

Besides this, it would be better for him to visit endocrinologist, because diabetes requires treatment, especially when there are spikes in the blood glucose concentration.

I hope that your father will get better soon and everything is caused by something not-serious!


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Are Headaches & Nausea Diabetic Complications?

by Alex

I'm really worried about diabetic complications. I have had frequent headaches and nausea for these
last months, are they signs of diabetic complications? If they are, what to do?

Headache and nausea
by: Romyage

Well Alex, if your diabetes is type 1 and you are having uncontrolled high blood sugar level in the last few months; you might be suffering from a Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA).

This is a very serious condition. It occurs when your body starts to burn fat instead of glucose to get its needs of energy, this produces ketones which are acids poisoning your blood and appear in your urine. Extremely high ketones can lead to diabetic coma or even death.

Usually, ketoacidosis is treated in the hospital, but you can prevent it by knowing its warning signs and checking your blood and urine regularly.

The American Diabetic Association recommends you to check your urine for ketones if your blood sugar level is > 240 mg/dl. Call your doctor if you detected high ketone level in your urine.

But if you are suffering from diabetes type 2, you might be having Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome (HHNS). This is another serious diabetic complication which occurs when your blood sugar level is extremely high (300 mg/dl-600 mg/dl), causing your body to lose a lot of fluids (your body will be trying to get rid of excess glucose in urine).

This can also lead to diabetic coma or death. Watch your blood sugar level carefully, if it exceeds 300 mg/dl, contact your doctor immediately.

Perhaps your situation is due to exhaustion from a recent stress or some "heavy" works you've done recently, and your blood sugar are fluctuated. In any case, your doctor's advice is more than worthy.

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