How to Prevent Gestational Diabetes after having it once?

There is a huge worry among pregnant ladies regarding having gestational diabetes during the second pregnancy. As diabetes carries its own risks for the mother and the baby, no one likes to have such complications. 

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Generally speaking, no one is able to tell you if you are going to develop gestational diabetes during your second pregnancy or not.

However, there are few things, which you can do in purpose to reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes during your next pregnancy.

At the same time, you will reduce the risk of getting diabetes type two in the future. I’m telling you this, because sometimes women with gestational diabetes, like you, might develop diabetes type two.

v  First, remember that you have to keep your body weight within the normal ranges. In other words, try not to become obese. Following specific diets and exercising can give you a hand to achieve this goal.

The best option is to start following a low-carb and low- fat diet, which is composed mainly of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, etc.

Regarding the exercises, it is good to run for about 30 min or to walk (or brisk walk) for at least one hour a day.

v  Next, it is advisable to get pregnant for the second time before thirties, because women above this age (30s) are more prone to gestational diabetes than others.


v  Just for your information, women with family history of diabetes are at higher risk for developing gestational diabetes during their pregnancy.


v  Interesting fact is that Latinos and African Americans are suffering more from gestational diabetes as compared to other women. However, you are not able to changes those factors, because it is a matter of genes. But, you can change your lifestyle and dietary habits.


v  Something important for the early diagnosis of gestational diabetes is to measure your blood glucose levels two months after getting pregnant. Generally, around this time the first symptoms of diabetes are present.


v  Besides this, remember to test your blood glucose every two weeks, until the end of the pregnancy. In this way, you will be able to control your blood glucose level properly, which, of course, will protect you and your baby from the probable complications.

Hope it helped!


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