Causes of Metformin Weight Loss Problems!

Metformin Weight Loss Link - Overweight and insulin

The weight loss effect of Metformin is used in non-diabetic patients being obese. The effect is really good and patients start loosing weight few weeks after they start this drug therapy.

Although the primer use of metformin is as a treatment for diabetes type 2; however, it is also prescribed in the losing weight programmes. There are three major way, through which metformin influences the weight of the patients:

1. Metformin reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from intestines

2. The production of glucose by the liver is also dramatically reduced

3. Increase the sensitivity of the muscle cells to insulin - this is the most notable and important effect of Metformin.

Metformin Weight Loss - Why is insulin so important for overweight people?

It is as simple as that: the more insulin you have, the fatter you will be. When you eat something, especially something sweet, the blood glucose level goes up.

This serves as a signal for your pancreas to release insulin. If you eat more, your pancreas will produce more insulin. On the other hand, insulin stimulates your brain and your brain start telling you “You are hungry”.

That’s why you eat more; you produce more insulin, which makes you hungrier and hungrier. If your cells respond well to insulin, you will not have any problem with getting fat because this vicious circle will be broken really fast (as your body cells will use glucose).

Metformin Weight Loss Cure

When patients start losing excessive weight, they also experience an improvement in their condition really fast. Patient’s liver stops the production of glucose. If less glucose is produced, less insulin will be secreted.

Therefore, there will not be a substance, which will make you hungry. If you are not hungry, you will not have to eat and you will lose weight.

Women tend to have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is a common reason for gaining weight. The reason for this is the increased levels of insulin flowing in the blood. Again, Metformin could be used here to help these women.

Metformin Weight Loss - How to decide whether this is the right drug for you?

Before starting Metformin as a treatment for weight loss, you have to check your BMI. It is higher than 25, which is considered the maximum BMI, then your doctor could prescribe Metformin.

Another reason to start the treatment is the increased levels of blood sugar and the presence of diabetes.

REMEMBER: Do not try to increase the dose because you might suffer from the side effects of this drug.

Also, this drug is not recommended to be used by athletes because they could experience hypoglycemia as Metformin might reduce their blood glucose at extreme levels in addition to the effect of their sport-acting.

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