Medication for insuline resistance

by Mary Gawon
(Bonny iland, Porthacourt, Nigeria)

QUESTION: I stop eating complex carbohydrates and lean on protein, high fiber and wheat.

ANSWER: Hi Mary,

It is very good that you are trying to manage your insulin resistance by diet and exercises and taking your pills regularly as prescribed by your doctor.

However, there are certain things that I am in dark of to give an exact answer for the results you want to have:

1.First, you haven’t mentioned for how long you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance. This is quite important, because people with insulin resistance are supposed to start their treatment immediately, after the confirmation of this condition.

Furthermore, those people are treating their insulin resistance for several months, before the appearance of the desired results - like losing weight, feeling full of energy and reducing the risk of developing diabetes type 2.

However, these results are depending on the way of treatment and the will of that particular patient to achieve them. You have to know, that patients who are working hard, following a strict diet and doing exercises, are obtaining their results in shorter period – less than a month.

Keep in mind that this is not definitive for all patients because, it also, depends on the health conditions of the patient at the moment when he/she was firstly diagnosed with insulin resistance.

2.Now, coming to the second thing - you haven’t mentioned the name of the drugs which you are using. As there are several drugs used for the treatment of insulin resistance, some of which are more effective in one case than others.

However, I can’t tell you which drug is the most effective in your case, because everything depends on the status of that particular individual.

  • In addition, most patients who are doing exercises twice a day, like running for a half an hour, in the evening and in the morning, in combination with diet, have noticed weight loss after one month.

    Losing weight will not only make you feel comfortable, but this will improve you general condition. In addition, losing weight will
    reduce the risk for developing diabetes type 2 in future.

    3.Next, although you haven’t mention which were the exact tests used for confirming your status of insulin resistance; however, I could suggest to repeat these tests every month.

    This will provide you full information regarding your attempts to reverse your insulin resistance. Furthermore, according to the results obtained, your doctor will provide you further advice about the way of using your drugs.

    At the end, I can only say that the most important thing for you to remember is that you have to follow a diet and do exercises for life. This healthy lifestyle will protect you not only from diabetes type 2, but it will make you feel a lot better.

    Therefore, keep up with the good work and soon you will find out that everything was worthy, especially for a young lady as you.

    Hope it helped! All the best!


    insuline resistance
    by: mary gawan

    CONCERN: Hi.

    Its me again mary the 30 year female from bonny island phorthacourt nigeria thanx alot for replying my question base on insuline resistance.

    I have been suffering from insuline resistance for the past 5 years after giving birth to my 5 and the half year old girl. My doctor prescribe metformin 500mg 1 daily, vitamin b12 1000mg 1 daily, folic acid 400mg 1 daily and cod liver oil 1 spoonful daily.

    I start taking this medication 1 month ago. Pls for how long am i going to see result? Thank you.


    Nice to hear from you again. According to what you are saying, generally, within 3 months from the first day of starting the treatment, patient will notice their good results.

    In some other cases, there are patients who see the results within the first month. If you have not seen til today, then, most probably within the next 2 months (total of 3 months), you will get the results.

    In addition, if you are persistent in what you are doing, you will get you insulin resistance reversed. Otherwise, bad side effects will be next to the door.

    All the best!


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