Insulin Resistance Glucophage Reversal?

Is this insulin resistance glugophage reversal real?

How does Glucophage help when have insulin resistance? Does it only lower blood sugar?

What about resistance the body cells present to insulin?

I like to know everything related to diabetes and insulin resistance, but sometimes the info is confounding.

Is there any other alternative to reverse insulin resistance apart glucophage? How effective they are compared to glugophage?

Thanks a lot.

Answer by Alba

Is Glucophage Good to Reverse Insulin Resistance?

Before going through that, let's see what the insulin resistance is. It is a condition, in which insulin is not working properly. WHY?

There are many factors, beginning from your diet, lack of activity to your genetic factors, etc. that contribute in insulin resistance. Furthermore, they make insulin resistance is a step toward developing type 2 diabetes.

The crucial part in reversing insulin resistance is to change your dietary and lifestyle habits, in order to clear your body from those factors that make insulin not working well.

With regards to Glucophage (known also with its generic name of Metformin), some doctors have used it in those individuals who were not yet diagnosed with diabetes, but showed signs of insulin resistance
or metabolic disease.

Studies are still carrying on regarding the effects of Glucophage or other drugs to reverse insulin resistance. But, I want to re-emphasize the key factors (i.e. diet and exercise) of treating insulin resistance successfully.

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