Hair Follicle Stem Cell Transplant In Diabetic Wounds

QUESTION: Could you provide some solutions and info on hair follicle stem cell transplant diabetic wounds problems?


In some diabetics, it is observed hair loss due to the changes in the metabolism. For that reason, some of the doctors are trying to transplant stem cells in purpose to make the hair grow again.

This is a new way of treatment, which is still under study. Furthermore, this way of treatment needs improvement because, a great part of the participants are not obtaining the needed result.

Hair loss is provoked in some cases by the diabetic microangiopathy. Microangiopathy is also a factor that leads to the development of diabetic wound too.

This condition represents the destruction of small blood vessels, which are providing blood for the skin and other organs.

When you are diabetic, you have elevation in blood sugar and your organism produces more fatty acids and cholesterol in purpose to maintain the homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a condition which describes the ability of the organism to respond at some changes in the environment.

In this case, when you have elevation of the blood sugar, the organism tries to ensure more fatty acids and cholesterol in purpose to maintain the ratio between sugar and fat at the set point.

This increased amount of fats in the organism is pretty harmful for the cardiovascular system, because leads to the development of atherosclerosis.

The atherosclerosis is harming the blood vessels’ wall and reduces their lumen leading to the reduction of the blood flow thru this vessel.

When you have microangiopathy, the blood flow is reduced in a particular part of your body. Besides this, it is also observed a reduction of the local immunity, because not all of the immune cells are capable to reach every part of your body.

That means that a particular part of your body, for example your leg, becomes more pliable to infections. These infections are leading to the development of so called diabetic wound which are pretty difficult for treatment.

As you can imagine, when you have a reduction in the blood flow in a particular area of your skin, the hairs on the skin surface start to fall, because they are not getting the needed amount of oxygen and food to grow.

This is the explanation why the stem cells therapy is not obtaining the needed results.

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