Fasting Sugar level is Below 110mg/dl

by Iqbal


My Name is Iqbal,My age is 38 Yrs,

I have been diagnosed with Type B Diabetes one year ago. At that time, my fasting sugar was 228 and after breakfast was 338 mg/dl.

Two months I have used Diamicron 60 mg before food and Glucophage 500 mg morning after food and after dinner I have used.

I am doing half/hour daily brisk walk also regularly.

Now,i am not using medicine since last six months.My Fasting Sugar is below 110 mg/dl,after Breakfast(Two Hours),its below 140mg/dl and Two hours after dinner its between(160-190)mg/dl and some times it goes above 200/mg/dl if I take heavy food. My HBA1C IS 6.2.(131 mg/dl)

Do you think, I have to use medicine or not?

Kindly advise me I can survive without medicine, and diabetes is reversible.

Regards and Thanks

ANSWER: Hi Iqbal,

First, what I can see from your blood glucose levels, that are ok (including your A1C). However, what worries me is the oscillation in your blood sugar (above 200) after eating (especially heavy meal).

So, you can see yourself that if you are not following rigorously the diet you set to yourself as a diabetic, your blood sugar would spike.

This is something we do not want as we want your body cells work properly. Although you are now young (39 yrs) and can face such problems successfully; however, with passing of years (older than 60 yrs), you would not be such successful.

I want to emphasize the importance of being firm in conducting a healthy lifestyle, following your diet rigorously and using herbs to control your blood sugar.

These steps are very helpful if you want to beat diabetes naturally without using drugs. If diabetics like you are firm in following these strategies, then, doctors can surely say they do not need drugs.

Next, I cannot tell you for sure that you do not need drugs, as I lack your medical data (such as about your cardio-vascular status or other health problems you might have).

The only thing I can say you for sure is that:

You have a guaranteed success in controlling diabetes if you follow the above mentioned strategies rigorously.

Hope it helped!


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