Enzymes for Type 1 Diabetes - Real Remedy or Trick?

by Martynas

QUESTION: Hello people,

I am glad to find such a wonderful site for diabetics... I have type I diabetes for 3 years and interested in reducing insulin doses, because they slowly become higher and higher.

I found many information about enzymes? What do you think about them? Are they worthy or it`s another trick of drug companies?

God bless you guys,


ANSWER: Hi Martin,

Thank you for trusting our loyalty in helping you.
Now, I have tried to gather information regarding these enzymes work.

The new aim of scientists is related to find antigen-specific therapies in type 1 diabetes which is also referred as autoimmune diabetes.

According to recent findings, type 1 diabetes can also be predicted through a simple lab work: measuring the islet auto-antibodies.

The aim is to further understand why the beta cells of the pancreas are being destroyed, what the real mechanism behind this destruction is.

This understanding would further lead to finding the solutions. In other words, finding the real culprit (the real mechanism) and finding the right "weapons" to fight against it/them.

The scientific work is being concentrated into beta-cell antigens, GAD (glutamic acid decarboxylase) and insulin.

These three elements have been suggested to preserve the production of body insulin (i.e. that has being produced endogenously), especially in patients who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or to prevent it.

Although 12-LO has been revealed as the culprit for type 1 diabetes, the team of physicians at Eastern Virginia Medical School's Strelitz Diabetes Center has failed to give evidence of the efficacity of this enzyme in the humans.

However, the team confirms that this enzyme remains a relevant target in human pancreas, and playing a crucial role in finding new therapies.

At the end, to my opinion, these are all theories and in experimental phase. It is good that researches want to find answers, however, patients must be carefully leaded to the right solutions.

People are becoming more diffident in nowadays. The pharmaceutical companies are the culprit to my opinion. It is good to do business, but not with such high cost: The Human Life!

All the best!


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Feb 07, 2013
by: Ernie C

QUESTION: I have a question, in the last two weeks my blood sugar level has been acting up.

I have diabetes 2, and never used insulin or chemical pills, on the other hand I was able to control my high blood sugar level to normal levels with Gymnema Silvestre, and Bitter melon.

Now all of the sudden, my blood sugar level is very low, waking up with 82, after breakfast (2 hrs) 86 in the afternoon after lunch (2 hrs) 94, and after dinner 96.

One thing I have noticed is that I been having
a sensation as if I was having hypoglycemia, this sensation has started two weeks ago, and ever since I stopped taking Gymnema, and Bitter melon.

My question, is this normal, perhaps my Pancreas
has decided to produce insulin? I would like to hear your comments,

Best regards,
Ernie C.

ANSWER: Hi Ernie,

First of all, let me tell you that in type 2 diabetes, your pancreas is still producing insulin, but:

- this insulin might not be enough

- this insulin is not working properly

- or the body cells lack sensitivity to insulin

Therefore, the aim to treat type 2 diabetics is to make pancreas produce enough insulin or improve the work of insulin in the peripheral cells.

Within this concept, the very first step in treating type 2 diabetics is by natural means, i.e.:

- changes in lifestyle habits (quitting bad habits and improving the good ones)

- proper dietary regime

- herbal use

If the above-mentioned steps fail to work, then, after 3 months or more of "natural war"; your doctor would turn to drugs.

Now, what I see from your personal experience, you have succeeded to bring your blood sugar levels back to normal range. I want to congratulate you for this.

However, this is accompanied with a sensation of hypoglycemia. This is completely normal: your body is used to high blood sugar levels.

Therefore, when your blood sugar levels are back to normal again, your body needs time to be accustomed to this range.

So, it reacts with this sensation of hypoglycemia, which, in realty you are experiencing normal blood sugar level.

It is good to have something sweet with you to beat this sensation until your body gets used. Or you should talk to your doctor to set your personal blood glucose levels.

Keep in mind that certain people can have normal activity with slightly high blood sugar levels taking into account many factors, including age, physical activity, stress, etc.

Therefore, you should set your own goal to better manage your diabetes.

Do not forget to have regular meals. To my opinion, it is not a good idea to stop using herbs, but consult with your doctor first.

Hope it helped!



by Anonymous

Exercise, lose weight if overweight, and take herbs and cinnamon. Prescribed drugs will kill you.

Feb 08, 2013
by: Ernie C

Hi Dr. Alba,

Thank you so much for responding, I will be seeing my doctor
Next week.
Regarding the herbs, Gymnema , and Bitter melon, I stopped
using it, cause I was afraid my sugar levels, would go down even lower.
I will let you know the outcome in the next few weeks.
Best regards,
Ernie C.

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