QUESTION: Is there any chance to regenerate the pancreace beta cells?


As I do not want to be the "infant voice" of many speculations, I can not totally state that the pancreas cells can regenerate in type 1 diabetics.

Indeed, some research studies have postulated that the alpha cells of pancreas (responsible to produce and secrete glucagon, the "antagonistic" of insulin) can take the functions of destroyed beta cells.

However, so far, the right mechanisms that could trigger such "changes" are not well known yet.

  • The cause of damage of beta cells is oxidative stress (which is up-induced by glucotoxicity and lipotoxicity. Therefore, inflammatory and T-cells are involved that end up damaging the beta cells.

    However, the exact mechanism of damage and why T-cells have these alterations are not known yet.

    As oxidative stress (of all kind of causes from virus, bacteria or other pathogens) is involved, to my opinion, the principal thing to do is to try preventing it.

    One way I found quiet logical and helpful is by oxygenating our body. What does it mean?

    The environmental conditions will make possible the causes of oxidative stress mentioned above to thrive. One of them include oxygen deficiency.

    We all are aware of air pollution that makes our lungs not to breathe the right amount of oxygen. In these condition, many anaerobic pathogens will thrive, altering our body immune system and other functions. The end of all these is the development of "DISEASE".

    For the time being, I am just observing my diabetic patients (type 2, one of them is my mom) while trying to heal their leg wounds and problems with frequent baths of warm distilled water and hydrogen peroxide (you find in drug store, it is only for external use).

    I have also heard about food grade hydrogen peroxide, but never tried, so, I cannot tell any specific details. I have found a source (just click here) of a medical team that are trying to heal patients of various diagnosis with oxygentherapy.

    So far, these are all the latest information I have gathered. I do apologize for any missed ones; hope to have your good understanding.

    All the best!


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