Confusen - my blood sugar numbers are in the 90 to 130 range.

by robert silver
(lynbrook ny )

QUESTION: Very confused in the am upon rising.

ANSWER: Hi Robert,

Could you please give more details on what concerns you. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you properly unless you give us more info regarding your blood sugar levels upon rising (i.e. if they are high or low or alternately).

Thank you for contacting us.

my numbers
by: robert silver

My numbers are in the 90 to 130 range.


Borderline Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels
by: Alba

Hi Robert,

To me, your figures are not worrisome. They are an indicator of a borderline diabetes, which needs further investigations for the exact diagnosis.

  • You can repeat your blood sugar test at home for at least 1 week, record the figures and tell the doctor if you a candidate for being diagnosed of diabetes or borderline diabetes.

  • In addition, try to clean or check your glucose meter, because, sometimes, they do not work properly, blood will be stuck there, or any other problem they might have.

  • Watch what your eat at dinner, because, sometimes, when you have a heavy dinner, with lots of calories and sugar; your fasting blood sugar will turn slightly high.

    Therefore, when you measure your blood glucose, recall what you had for dinner and write it down on your blood sugar log.

    All the best!

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