Can Metoprolol be a cause of low blood sugar level?


I am taking Metoprolol, but when measure blood sugar, it comes out lower than 90 when measure random.

Is Metoprolol causing low blood sugar to me?

QUESTION: Hi there,

I have to congratulate you for the fact that you are trying to establish a connection between the usage of certain drugs and the blood glucose amount in your organism.

However, I have to inform you that in this case, you are not right, because the beta-blockers, like Metoprolol, cause elevated blood glucose level instead of lowering it.

The reason why those drugs are leading to elevated blood glucose level is explained by their mechanism of action.

At first keep in mind that the beta-blockers are blocking the beta-receptors anywhere in your organism including in the pancreas.

Generally this blockage leads to low blood pressure, but when they are blocked the insulin molecule can execute its normal function- reduction in the blood glucose concentration.

So, according to this, you are suffering insulin resistance and high blood glucose concentration as well.

According to my opinion it would be better for you to speak with your doctor about something else, which can lead to low blood glucose level.

For example, you haven’t mentioned anything about the usage of blood glucose lowering drugs. Remember that when you are taking more than the needed dose, your blood glucose level will be lower than normal.

Besides this, possible explanation of low blood glucose concentration might be inappropriate diet. If this is the case, you should start eating properly, because the situation make got worse.

There is another very rare cause of low glucose level, which is insulinoma. This is a type of tumor which produces more insulin than normal.
The greater production of insulin leads to extremely low blood glucose concentration.

However, the best thing, which you can do, about your condition, is to speak with your physician about the things, mentioned above.

Hope it helped!

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