Worried about side effects of gestational diabetes.

by Mira

My sister is 37 weeks pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Our parents had type 2 diabetes and she gained lots of weight.

I'm worried about any side effects of gestationa diabetes. Will diabetes affect my sister's child? And what about my sister? Will she suffer andy side effects?


Don?t worry Mira; about 4% of all pregnant women are affected with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually occur at 28 weeks of pregnancy or later.

Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes doesn?t necessary mean that your sister has had diabetes before or that she will have it after her baby?s delivery.

During pregnancy, placenta helps and supports the growth of the baby, but some hormones produced by placenta causes insulin resistance in the body of the mother.

Thank God, gestational diabetes only occurs in the late months of pregnancy after the baby has been formed, so the baby will not suffer from any birth defects.

However, uncontrolled gestational diabetes can lead to a fat baby or macrosomia. This might cause the baby to suffer from very low blood glucose level or breathing problems at birth.
The good news is all your sister has to do is to start seeing her doctor immediately.

Treatment of gestational diabetes is very easy, it might include; healthy meal plans, exercise, testing of blood sugar every day, and insulin shots.
Tell your sister to relax, and enjoy being a future mother, everything will be fine for her and for the baby.

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