Where can you purchase a GlucoWatch and what is the cost?

by Donna Ferreira
(Embro On Canada)

GlucoWatch control diabetes

GlucoWatch control diabetes

QUESTION: Have been a diabetic for over 54 years and simply hate using lancets on my fingers. Where can you purchase a GlucoWatch and what is the cost?

ANSWER: Hi Donna Ferreira,

It is normal for someone to look for other options to monitor blood sugar, especially when being a diabetic for 54 years like you.

It is true that using lancets is, sometimes very annoying and harmful, but the modern medicine wasn’t able to find another option for the home blood glucose monitoring.

However, the scientists have invented the very accurate device, which can measure the blood glucose while you are walking, or while you are sleeping with the name of GlucoWatch.

  • Please be aware that this device was invented 20 years ago, with a price of 3000$ in 1983, which is considered as a very high price for a normal hard working person.

    Because of this fact, only a few people were able to buy and wear GlucoWatch. As it was shown a non-profitable option to the manufacturer, another simplified and price-reduced device came out.

    So, nowadays, you can find this watch at the price of 100-300 $, depending on the country and depending on the seller's opinions.

    Another point that I want to emphasize is that you need to buy its specific parts separately, and only by the manufacturer. For example, this watch is working with a very specific battery that you can find and buy only from the manufacturer.

    Furthermore, there is a microelectrode on the back of the watch, which, by touching the skin is able to measure the blood glucose level in the organism. The price of this part of the watch is about 10 $ and you are supposed
    to change it every 24 hours. That means that you are going to pay around 300 $ for microelectrodes every month.

  • Next, there are several websites which are offering this watch, but I’m not aware of its quality and where this watch is produced. However just try to look for the office of the Animas Co, which is the manufacturer of GlucoWatch.

    Find more glucose monitoring system online

    Another option is the drug stores, which in some countries, they are offering you to buy GlucoWatch from them, but produced by Animas Co according to the rules.

    As you may see, it is much cheaper to use the lancets for a regular blood glucose monitoring.
    In addition, please be aware of the fact that sometimes, this watch is not measuring the blood glucose correctly.

    On the other side, the function of these watches depends also on the environmental conditions. For example, if the weather is hot, it is possible for the GlucoWatch to show you high blood glucose, because of the dilated blood vessels.

    In this case, more blood is brought to the skin, which is also taking more glucose. That is why, when the watch starts to measure your blood glucose, it is going to be elevated.

    Something similar is happening when the weather is cold because in this situation your blood vessels are constricted, which is reducing the blood flow in the skin. Because of the fact that there is a small amount of blood, with a small amount of glucose, the watch will show you that your blood glucose is low.

    However, these results are not caused by mistakes made by the manufacturer, but because of the natural response of the human body to hot and cold weather.

    Hope it helped!


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